Fail Roam

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Last night I had a reminder of why I really don’t like large fleets.  A roam is getting organized as I’m logging on which sounds like a good time. The 10-person fleet quickly fills up to over 30.  No one wants to fly tackle so I re-ship into a Crusader (not noticing that I’m solo fit with a scrambler).  We head out trying to track down a couple gangs flying around and get lucky by getting a pimp-fit Dramiel.

We continue to try and bait a fight but no one wants to engage a fleet our size and by this time every red in the area knows what we have.  We end up cornering a hostile fleet in G-M4I8 and push them into 93PI-4.  Tai Maac fails on the tackle (see above – scrambler FTL) and we RTB with no kills at all.

TBH, I love all my corpmates but my long-term goal is to find about 5-6 other guys that I can roll with on a nightly basis.  Until I figure out who that will be it’s back to soloing.

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