Little trip to Syndicate

“Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.” – Benjamin Franklin

Few nights back I decided I couldn’t take the boredom anymore of sitting in the home station waiting for something to happen.  I also knew that if a roam started there would be 30+ in the fleet in no time which just becomes an exercise in frustration for me personally.  So, I fitted up a Crusader and thought I could spend some time making bookmarks around Pure Blind.  After a bit I notice that I’m right near a border to Placid low-sec.  My security status had been climbing a bit too close to positive for my liking so I thought I’d go pick a fight or two.

Typical of most solo roams there wasn’t a lot going on.  I did, however, jump into a system and picked up a Caracal and Ishkur on scan in a belt and ratting.  I hit warp and just as I’m loading grid the Ishkur is warping off.  Missed.  They left system through the gate opposite me (of course) so I just continued roaming.  After about half an hour trying to find something to shoot I make up my mind to go over to Syndicate and see if I can stir up something there.  As luck would have it I run into those same exact pilots on my way out.  Scan, locate and warp.  On my way the Iskur disappears and the Caracal turns into a pod.  Not sure what is going on as the grid loads and I see the Caracal’s wreck, the pilot’s pod and quite a few belt rats.  As I’m looting the wreck and popping the pod, the Ishkur lands right on top of me (fail on my part for not watching my D-scan) and scrambles.  I happily engage but end up popping just as he’s entering hull.  Had a nice convo with him afterward.

I re-ship in Dodixie and head over to PF- in another ‘sader.  By this time I’m getting tired but I’m equally motivated to get at least one kill before the night is over.  Fully expecting a camp in PF- or FD-, I throw caution to the wind and go for it.  The hunt begins in earnest once I’m a few jumps in.  As I hop into 3KNK-A there are a total of two pilots.  Warp to a safe and start scanning.  Nemesis?  Really?  I think to myself he’s got to be at a POS but as I land near the planet and scan I pick him up in a belt.  With a sense of pure disbelief, I land on top of him, point and melt him.  He says something about the rats but you have to wonder who rats in a Nemesis.

I log off for the night in a station.  Next evening I’m wanting to head back out as I’m not happy with the fit on my Crusader and I intend to re-rig it in Gallente high-sec.  As luck would have it, the locals took care of the problem for me. As I’m in warp to the PF gate in FD- I pick up several Vagabonds, a Scimitar and Sabre.  Sure enough, they’re camping the gate.  I jump anyway and find the rest of their gang on the other side who proceed to pop my Crusader with ease.

Back to the drawing board for a bit better fit.  I also have a fit for a Vengeance and Arbitrator that I want to try out.

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