I hate Empire

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.” – Mark Twain

Tonight was one of those nights when EVE feels more like a job than a game.  Every pvp’er knows what I’m talking about – there are times that you’ve got to suck it up and make some ISK.

To do that, I’m moving an alt into my alliance’s sov space with an Ishtar for ratting and a couple covops for probing.  Bad enough that I’m making four trips between Jita and our logistic staging point; tomorrow night I’m going to be making the 28 jump round-trip to collect datacores which are my passive income source.

Even though the next two nights are going to be eye-gougingly boring as I move alts back and forth through high-sec I’m planning to do some more testing of my Arbitrator fit on SiSi over the lunch hour at the office.  So far I really like what I’ve seen.  Warped into the cruiser and smaller FFA and was getting tag-teamed by a Falcon, Curse and Vagabond and still managed to tank them long enough that the Falcon missed a jam allowing me to pop him before popping myself.  If things continue to go well I’ll share my fit.

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