Shiny Gold Wedge Part Deux

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens [C]laws.” – Jim Morrison

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had fallen in love with a dual-rep arbitrator fit and was looking for some ‘live fire’ testing.  Tonight I found it.

We got reports of a 2-man neutral gang in a system about 5 jumps out from my home base.  As luck would have it I had just upgraded my clone and was trying to figure out whether to call it a night or go back out.  Once I learned they were both in Claws I figured it would be foolish to not try and get a fight.  Warping to what I hoped would be their inbound gate in BDV3-T, I sat with overheated tackle at 0.  I had no sooner landed than the gate flashed and local increased by one – one of the neuts had jumped through.  He de-cloaked and yellow-boxed me.  I returned the favor and he aggressed.  Scram, web and drones applied we started the dance.

Sure enough, his buddy jumped in and a second Claw appeared on my overview.  I locked him up and applied a nos just to help my cap issues.  Another gate flash… huh?  A third neut appeared on my overview, this time in a Crusader.  Things were getting good!  I popped some synth exile (need to get some of the ‘good stuff’) and activated my reppers while noticing that the initial claw was entering structure.  I paid close attention as I fully expected him to de-aggress.  He did not, however, and popped.

By this time, the second claw pilot had wised up and had re-approached and de-aggressed as my Warrior II’s were making mincemeat of his armor.  As he jumped out the Crusader pilot began putting distance between the two of us, eventually warping off as he entered structure.

Replaying it, I’m nearly 100% sure that these guys thought that they could easily pop an Arbitrator and it wasn’t until they saw my ship enter structure before repping to 50% armor again that they realized they’d been had.  I’m pleased with the fight but I’m kicking myself for not having the wits about me to start FRAPS.  I even had it running in the background but forgot to hit my record hotkey.

There will be other fights, of that I’m sure.

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