The Skill Plateau

Over at EVEOGANDA, Rixx Javix asks whether he’s reached ‘the plateau’ depicted by the infamous cartoon drawing of the learning curves in various MMO’s.  It got me thinking; to what is the ‘curve’ attributed to?  Obviously there is the initial ‘familiarization’ with the game and EVE is one deep rabbit hole to go down.  Beyond that, I almost see it as a three-pronged ‘experience curve’.  I’ll explain.

As I see it, there are three distinct ‘flavors’ of proficiency at EVE, at least in terms of PvP.  There is the proficiency of your character; how well he or she fits a given ship, what ship he or she can fly, etc.  There is your personal proficiency; how well do you fly that ship?  Are you personally good at what you do (tackling, EWAR, logistics, etc.)? Finally, there is the proficiency of your corp/gang.  Can you rely on everyone to know what they are doing when that hostile gang is jumping through into your bubble?  Are you willing to fight against the odds or do you have to play it safe?

I don’t know if I have the answers to these questions.  I know that Tai can fit a good number of ships and fit them very well.  On the personal front I still get ‘the shakes’ whenever a fight starts and I make way too many “unforced errors”.  On the ‘team’ side of things I’m still looking to find a solid core of 4-5 guys I can roam with.  Even without the answers, it’s a great set of questions to contemplate as all three give purpose and direction to my long and short-term goals in the game.

On a side note, R/L has kept me from logging in for more than 20-30 minutes the last couple nights.  In addition to household and family goings-on I’ve been reading ‘Born to Run‘ by Christopher McDowell.  It is truly inspirational, so much so that I’m motivated to get into/back into running which I pretty much gave up on due to recurring Achilles and heel issues.  I’ve been going barefoot (well, socks anyway) here at the office for the last two days and it’s amazing how much my gait has already changed as a result.

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