I really thought I checked intel…

Friday night I was just getting ready to log off when our neighbors reported a single pilot in a crusader a few jumps out from home.  I’m sleepy, a wee bit drunk but haven’t had a good fight in a couple nights so I move to get into a neighboring system.

Just a couple friendlies in local so I warp to the adjacent system’s gate just in time to see a gateflash as I’m loading grid.  He uncloaks, and we have at it.  I’m getting the better of it and all of the sudden there are gate flashes and local starts adding neutrals. I’m up against the clock now; I’ve got to kill him before they load grid and get a second point.  Alas, just as I drop the Crusader they get backup point and end up killing my Arbitrator AND my pod.

Like the post title says, I could have sworn I checked the intel channels but it’s entirely possible that I didn’t.  These guys have been running gangs through our neck of the woods for a while now and I probably should have ‘felt’ that he wouldn’t be alone.  Live and learn, I suppose.  Didn’t want those implants anyway.

I did manage to record the fight so enjoy:

Edit: You know, after watching that a couple more times I really think I could have popped him AND been able to get away.  If I had started aligning out as he hit structure I could have been in warp before they got the second point.  Great thing about PvP in this game – you can always learn something that will make you a better pilot.  Also goes to my belief that solo, against bad odds, is probably the best teacher of all.

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