“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.” – Bo Bennett

Last night was an exercise in frustration to say the least.  It started off innocently enough with alliance calls for a roam with the current FOTM, shield tanked BC’s.  I’ve got a Harbinger I keep for just that purpose so I switched into it and joined the fleet.  I undock and for some reason my last pulse laser is showing offline.  Re-align, warp to station and dock.  Ungroup and try to figure out what’s going on as everything was fine just last week.  It finally dawned on me that after getting podded a while back I had lost my PG2 implant and was 1% short on power.  Grrr…

After re-fitting with FMP’s instead of my preferred HBL’s, I was ready to go.  We get it together and head out.  It turns out that our fleet is actually supporting another fleet planning to go into Cloud Ring and stir up the hornet’s nest.  We sit and wait on a jump bridge… and wait… and wait… and wait some more….  Finally we get the call and make the move, our FC telling us that there will be caps on the field.  Jump, jump, warp to station (?) and primary the Nid?  He is already de-agressing and docking the second local spikes so we just wasted all this time (and I wasted a booster) for naught.  Grrr…

By this time I’m feeling mad so I’ve switched from a moderate intake of alcohol to a decidedly more ‘energetic’ pace.  We are moving out as a fleet and parked on a gate when Teamspeak crashes.  Turns out the server has crashed and we all have to log into backup comms.  Get that sorted while we’re sitting on a gate and I maximize the client again.  Suddenly my UI isn’t responding.  I know what’s coming, of course; socket closed!!  By the time I get back in, fleet has moved on.  I nearly get popped catching up to the fleet as my binds are all screwed up for the backup comms.  Finally get back with the fleet and we move back into Pure Blind for a bio.  Once we get back together, FC starts us out, we make about 8 jumps and then he sends us to set up a gate camp.  Grrr….

I’m pretty lit by this point and see intel about a single sabre pilot sitting not far from home.  I hop in a Crusader (see previous sentence) and make a bee-line for him.  I at least had the wits about me to avoid getting podded but I did, of course, lose the Crusader in quick fashion.  GRRR

My latest shipment of Arbitrators + fittings hasn’t made it in from empire yet so I make a trip to Jita to buy one and fit it.  I buy a Standard Exile as well and on the way back to PB, I kid you not, I get nailed by customs five freaking times.  FIVE!  Sick of the shenanigans and fail fleets in PB, I turn to good ol’ Placid.  I quickly realize that I’m much too drunk to scan neutrals down so I head back and run right into The Kadeshi who are sitting on a gate.  I mutter an explicative under my breath and engage anyway as I’m just completely fed up with everything by this point.  Arbitrator down, I tuck tail and head for home.  GRRRR….

I’m honestly not sure that I’ve ever had a night quite like last night at any point.  The positive I take from it is additional motivation to continue stockpiling my ISK and get a small armor HAC gang formed within the corp.

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