Tick Tock

Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn. – Delmore Schwartz

Timing is everything in EVE; one could say that regardless of our profession we are dominated by being ‘on the clock’ and profit or loss can be decided by a matter of seconds.  Reflecting back on this past weekend’s activities, this was the theme that came bubbling to the surface.

Logging in to voice, I hear of a neutral gang one system away from home.  Even better, they are members of Rionnag Alba, Wensley’s (he of Rifter Drifter fame) corp.  Hoping to fight against a fellow blogger I safe up to see what they do.  The scout comes in and buzzes the station.  A few minutes later the rest of the fleet comes in.  “W’s in fleet, they’re on my Drake” comes across comms, followed by a series of “hold on, I’m in warp”.  As I land, we are losing a friendly Drake to the combined firepower of the NPC rats and the Zealot’s EM-heavy lasers.  Our Rapier pilot quickly points a Vagabond which I help finish off and as he’s entering armor I overheat my mids and burn toward the second.  15km… 14km…  13…. 12… 10… “Point…  web on second Vaga…”  We turn our attention to him and he pops as well.  Seconds decided whether he escaped or got tackled.

Last night I log on with Tai sitting in Placid.  As he is in warp to the safe I notice two beacons on the overview along with a 2007 character.  Interesting.  Further scanning puts him in one of the complexes in a Rupture (that he didn’t rename, so I had no doubt).  I warp to the gate but he was obviously on alert as there was nothing but wrecks and NPC’s in the plex.  I try chasing him around a bit but finally decide that if I’m going to get him I need to leave.  I move one system over and safe up.  Tick tock…  After about 10-15 minutes I notice another character in my system with a very similar name as my target in Mantenault.  He’s flying a Manticore.  I assume this is the same guy, just dual-boxing for a bit more DPS since his plex has a number of battleships.  I wait a bit longer, then warp to gate and jump in.  I don’t waste any time now, warping right to the plex’s beacon as grid loads, scanning on the way.  Sure enough, there’s a Manti and a Rupture in the plex.  Activate the gate, overload my mids and watch grid load.  Jackpot! both of them are here.  Again, he is alert and the Manticore is warping off as I’m coming out of warp.  I try burning to the Rupture but he is gone before I get within 15km.  I honestly expected him to try and engage me, considering he was dual-boxing and it would have been a close fight.  Again, seconds decided this pilot’s fate.


As an aside, I’m really thinking about adding a ‘flagship’ to my fleet.  I’ve got my eye on a Legion, with a fit for a very specific purpose.  I’ve got a bit more ISK to stockpile before going down that road, and hopefully I’ve got some readers that can give me feedback by that time.

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