Slow Weekend

“His act may start out slow but it tapers off” – Lawrence Welk

That pretty much sums up the weekend’s EVE activities.  I logged in on Friday night intending to do some ISK-generation which I did for about a couple of hours.  The pace of neutral incursions into our space started picking up so we got a fleet together and had a go at them.  I started off in a trusty Crusader as we were trying to catch an annoying stealth bomber pilot who had been harassing our carebears.  Our FC got us in perfect position and our dictor pilot did a perfect job of delaying the bubble.  Textbook capture of a Manticore.

Moving on, we had a Taranis pilot that was playing cat-and-mouse with our scouts.  I re-shipped into my Arbitrator, much like putting on a pair of old slippers.  Our lead scout got him to aggress his Crusader and I jumped in to help swat him down.  One system away we were sitting on gate and managed to pop what is quite possibly the most expensive Drake I’ve seen.  Storyline BCS?  Interesting choice.

I was pretty tired by this point so I took the long way home.  Jumping into one neighboring system I see a blue, two neutrals and a cyno.  Warp to cyno, burn to the industrial and as I’m popping it the blue is going ballistic in local. I remind him that cyno’ing with neutral alts is not a good idea and pop the Badger anyway; I get absolutely nothing for my trouble.

Saturday I ran six miles so I hit the sack pretty early.  Last night was the quietest Sunday night I’ve seen in Pure Blind since I moved out here.  I guess everyone was watching Sunday Night Football.  Tried camping a gate for a while but got bored with that, so I ran the pipeline around the home system and saw absolutely nothing.  Hopefully I’ll get some good fights the next few nights.

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2 Responses to Slow Weekend

  1. Dism0 says:

    hahaa that drake was an epic kill. not sure where he got his isk from but im guessing he bought it and didnt have a clue what he was doing. my falcon got all the loot!

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