It does pay to be helpful…

“Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.” – Mike Krzyzewski

I’m going to take a moment to explain why I blog.  I think I have at least a few readers and while I’m not sure that any of you actually care, it might be insightful.  To be blunt, I blog because it’s fun.  I’m a Landscape Architect in real life and I’ve always gravitated toward the technical side of the profession.  I enjoy creative endeavors, to be sure, but my strengths have always been engineering-related.  In short, I get to exercise my left brain an awful lot during the day.  Blogging is a way for me to exercise the right side of my brain; I have to find a subject to write about, compose my thoughts and then express them in a way that is clear.  Since I’ve started blogging I’ve been reading and commenting on a lot of other blogs as I find kindred spirits amongst the other authors.

Which brings me to my current post.  Through blogging I have been interacting with a lot of other writers and one of them solicited ideas and suggestions for post topics.  I provided Ahnog with three suggestions; (1) The ‘economics’ of EVE and an exploration of how CCP manages the markets; (2) T3 ships and their roles and (3) an interview or series of interviews with the ‘personalities’ of EVE such as the developers or alliance leaders.  None of these items were terribly imaginative, I’ll admit, but they are of some interest to me and I wouldn’t mind reading some posts on them.  I’m not sure which topic he liked but my suggestions did net me a ‘runner up’ prize of 250 million ISK.  So, on occasion, it does actually pay to be helpful.

This experience has soothed my jaded soul and I’m not nearly as suspicious as I used to be.  When I log in tonight I am going to send my prize money to that guy in Jita who was quitting EVE and was doubling whatever money he gets.  500 mil here I come!!

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