I’m not at liberty to disclose exactly where the corp is headed but we are packing up and being ‘airlifted’ into hostile territory.  I’ve been crazy busy the last three or four nights trying to get my bags packed and everything situated before the transport ships start making runs.

I’m incredibly excited for this extended op as it will be a chance for me to get more experience at FC’ing different types of fleets, fighting uneven odds and causing pure chaos for the local residents of the target region.  I FC’d a couple roams earlier in the week with no kills to show for it so I’m clamoring to get in the fight and get some fantastic experience.  The great thing about my corp leadership is their attitude; if you want to do something or take on a role or responsibility, then do it.  I plan to make this adventure the point in time where I establish myself as one of the go-to FC’s in the alliance.

More details will be revealed and hopefully many glorious kills will be shared, beginning this weekend.

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