Don’t drink or do drugs…

I recently made the switch to standard exile when I fly my dual-rep Arbitrator, but I found a bunch of leftover synth last night.  It was late, I was pretty far into the twelve pack next to me so I blame the alcohol for not checking my cargohold…

I was an impromptu FC and got a couple other pilots with me to pop these two thrashers that intel placed in G-M.  I jumped my arbitrator in and warped to a tactical on the EC gate.  They were there camping a couple bubbles.  I sat there for a minute then warped off to see if either would follow.  Neither did, so I warped back to my tactical figuring the closest one had been burning to me, which he had.  I started FRAPS and engaged them.  What I didn’t realize was that I still had the software set to record sound for capturing the clip from Gran Torino (see this post) and when I transmitted in TeamSpeak all my fleet heard was the latest Pendulum album I happened to be enjoying in game.  Needless to say, once I got the first thrasher in armor, the second warped to us and the two of them combined made short work of my Arbitrator.

The fleet make-up changed a bit but still had a total of four of us.  I had revenge on my mind and tried baiting them, playing a chess game around the gate in 93PI.  I had no luck whatsoever.  I came back to the fleet and sent my Harpy pilot in with instructions to warp to the Sarenen gate, burn through the bubble I figured was there and jump out when he got aggressed.  He jumped in, warped to the gate and the thrasher pilot followed him.  As he landed on the out gate a second, unrelated neut came in and a little three-way ensued.  Sure enough, my pilot got red-boxed; I ordered the jump for everyone.  Things get a little fuzzy for me here but I know my Falcon pilot got de-cloaked.  I ordered the fleet to warp to him and as we landed and crashed the party he was able to get a jam off and warp away in deep structure.

Doesn’t quite make up my previous loss ISK-wise but I did get a bit of revenge.  Felt good to get my guys some kills and keep them alive.  Me on the other hand?  I’m going through all my cargoholds once we get to the deployment area.

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