New Digs

Over the weekend I finally settled in with a bunch of alliance mates in a new hunting ground.  I was very busy in R/L;  family obligations and fatigue only allowed one late night of gaming which I spent doing nothing but bookmarking.  Last night we had an op scheduled for us ‘non-stealth bomber’ types built around long-range snipe HAC’s.  I was really looking forward to the op, especially to listen and learn how to FC one.

Our first kill was a bit of bad piloting on our victim’s part as he got tackled by one of our rear scouts.  The system behind us started filling with reds and when they landed on the gate he got caught.  The rest of us jumped in and popped him while his friends ran away.  We kept looking for targets until an alliance member mentioned that he was in their main ratting system in a prober.  Our FC asked him to find something to pew pew which he did; an Ishtar ratting a sanctum.  Our prober had no point so one of our interceptors warped to him, grabbed the BM and swooped down on the Ishtar.  He held point heroically allowing us to relieve a carebear of his ratting ship.

Not much action after that so we headed back and a bunch of us re-shipped to frigs.  We made a loop through the area, finding and killing a Drake that we suspect was either a macro-miner or asleep at his keyboard.

In all, a fun night.  I’ll gladly take top damage honors for the first two kills; it shows that I’m really on track with my Zealot training.  I should have Cloaking IV finished tonight so I plan on doing something with a Pilgrim.  I’m hopeful that by the end of this deployment I’ll have enough experience in both ships to decide whether to go Recon V or HAC V.  Wish me luck!

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