I like Fountain.

Fountain has been a lot of fun so far.  After what happened last night I think I’ll remember it for a long time to come.

To make a long post short(er), the majority of the alliance headed out in stealth bombers to go do who knows what to the local residents.  Something involving CovOps, bombs and crap like that.  Thinking that not everyone would want to run with that flavor I offered to FC a secondary fleet.  Nobody took me up on my offer.  After the main fleet left and I finished up some PI I started studying the map.  Saw some interesting ratting statistics a few systems over; more than 60 rats killed, only one pilot in system and less than 10 jumps.  I figured what the hell, hopped in my Arbitrator and headed over.

The Victim

As I jumped through the connecting systems I saw a few neutrals and reds.  I figured I had lit up intel but I was hoping that I might just sneak into one of these ratting systems.  I passed through two empty systems before jumping into one of my potential targets and seeing a single red.  Nothing on d-scan from the in gate but there were 3-4 belts off planet IX which was outside scan range.  Warped to planet IX and picked up an Ishtar.  I reduced my scan range and angle and narrowed him down to a single belt.  I honest-to-goodness couldn’t believe it but I hit warp to zero and my Arbitrator lurched toward the ratter.  I started FRAPS, consumed a booster, overloaded my point and beyond my wildest expectation he shows in my overview as I land right on top of him.  Point, web, drones away and he went down like a ton of bricks thanks to the NPC assist. I had a serious case of the jitters but managed to keep it together enough to get his pod as well.  It’s all I could do to keep from going bananas in TeamSpeak so I restrain myself to posting the killboard link in alliance.

[2010.10.01 03:00:44] Tai Maac > http://kb.lawnalliance.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=7708964
[2010.10.01 03:00:47] Tai Maac > 😛
[2010.10.01 03:01:04] N******s > nice kill tai
[2010.10.01 03:01:10] L*********g > grats
[2010.10.01 03:01:17] Tai Maac > yep. i’m gonna go watch it on fraps… brb
[2010.10.01 03:01:36] Tai Maac > but thanks. best of my career fo sho
[2010.10.01 03:02:19] Tai Maac > i podded him too… tee hee

Even though I managed to get in on a Drake, Hurricane and Dramiel kill in a later roam this Ishtar is going to stay with me a long, long time.

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1 Response to I like Fountain.

  1. Dism0 says:

    nice although its a shame the faction mod didnt drop too. hit me up next time for the small roam and i’ll roll with you. i was playing Civilization 5 last night! 🙂

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