Real Life Pwns EVE

I apologize for not having any posts lately but as the title implies, things around the Maac household have been crazy hectic.  I haven’t logged in at all this week, other than to get my Arbitrator popped by a gate camp late Sunday night.

I did manage to play on Friday night, hopping into voice comms in time to hear that something very bad was happening with/to a friendly Proteus.  Everyone was scrambling as quick as they could but nobody got to him in time.  There was quite a bit of chaos going on and not knowing what else the bad guys had in the area and hearing a distinct lack of an FC I took the reigns and we popped a Sacrilege that came through the gate.  I ordered fleet to RTB and re-ship.

We hopped in shield HACs and formed up in system.  The locals had eyes on us as we undocked so they knew what we were up to.  As a result we didn’t have much luck other than catching a hapless Drake that came through to us as we were briefly camping a gate.  While there wasn’t much action in terms of kills I was pleased with the night.  I took control of a chaotic situation when I logged in, getting everyone out and safe (and preventing even further losses); we had zero deaths on the roam and I felt like I did a good job managing my scouts to find targets and make sure we didn’t get surprised by anything.

Hopefully things will settle down and I can lead some more fleets in the next night or two.

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