Fightin’ my fellow bloggers

Had a fun roam in Fountain couple nights ago.  We formed up shield HAC gang and got intel that a big NC(dot) fleet was mucking about, trying to stir up OUR targets.  We also learned that a blue WI(dot)* fleet was also in the neighborhood so we decided to try and meet up and get a fight.

We had a hurricane make the unfortunate mistake of jumping into our gang while on a gate as we were making our way to BLAST space.  Minor threat nullified, we continued moving up the pipeline.  Once in V6- we hung on the 9DQW gate until our FC ordered the jump.

As grid loaded my overview filled with about 35 hostiles engaged with our blues.  We got a call for a primary and started applying DPS but we just didn’t have enough to break his tank.  Our blues disengaged and we followed suit after losing all of our fast tackle, popping a Broadsword who happened to be sitting in his bubble on the station.   We burned back through the NC(dot) gang and sat with our allies in V6-.  WI(dot) was getting bored so they bugged out and we followed.  We spotted the NC(dot) scout following us so we set up in A-H on the 57- gate.  Sure enough, scout came through and got alpha’d.  We sat and waited to see what they would do.  I was pretty sure they knew exactly what we had and if they were smart they would engage as it would be a pretty even fight, probably favoring them.  Local count increased by 4-5 then nothing for about 10-15 seconds.  The rest of them jumped in as the first batch started losing cloak.  Our FC called a Scimitar as primary and we tried desperately to break his tank.  No joy and we were losing ships.  FC ordered us to disengage and we tucked our tail between our legs and went home.  Not a good fight for us.
Funny thing about that fight: the primary our FC called happened to be Wensley of Rifter Drifter fame.  I chuckled a little inside when he called him and I was really hoping that he would post his side of the fight.  He did, and you can read it here.  It is going to be a lot of fun to see how many times he and I continue to cross paths.  The irony of three groups headquartered around Pure Blind ending up in Fountain trying to get a fight with the same alliance is priceless as well.


* What the heck is up with all the ‘dot’ alliances?  Don’t they know that it annoys those of us trying to blog when we get the auto-capitalize happening every stinkin’ time we type their alliance name?  I’m officially adopting the (dot) method for describing them until they acquiesce to my demands.
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3 Responses to Fightin’ my fellow bloggers

  1. Wensley says:

    The Northern Coalition. name really is rubbish but hey, it was just made as a not very good troll when we were living in Pure Blind. Decloaking in the Scimitar was a flipping scary few seconds until the reps bit and I got myself into a sensible trajectory. Ah well, lesson learnt. Here’s to more 3-4 way fights in Fountain.

  2. Seismic Stan says:

    I suppose that’s the price Wensley pays for his reputation. His would have been a nice scalp to take, definitely bragging rights there.

    On the topic of period misuse, I’ve just decided to ignore them. I’ll end my sentences when I choose, not because someone thinks it’s a cool way to be different.

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