I’m not dead yet…

…just felt like it recently.  With the onset of cooler fall temperatures and four small disease-carriers in the Maac house I have been fighting more than just reds.  That, combined with being very busy at work and having a long ‘honey-do’ list issued by my local sov holder, has put a damper on my play time and my blog time.  Fear not!  I’m not dead yet!

Even though I felt awful last night, there was a call put together for an Armor HAC gang.  Now my alliance is very much the ‘shield and speed’ crowd, but I’ve always liked the ‘beefiness’ of a fat assed Zealot.  We shipped up, about 25 strong including an impressive number of logistics, and headed out.

Our first stop was in P-2 to try and wipe out a BLAST fleet that took a wrong turn in Cloud Ring and made the mistake of coming into Pure Blind.  I talk a good game.  Truth be told, we got the pointy end of the stick, trading a Hound and a Stiletto for nothing but a Crusader.  They fiddled about, logging off and on so we got bored and headed over to Syndicate with the sole intention of Leroy’ing into anything we could find.

We didn’t have to go too far as our forward scout reported 15-20 Rote Kapelle in D-E.  Our FC sent in a small bait fleet and the fight was on.  In a battle that went on for ten solid minutes we slugged it out with them.  Though we held the field we lost in terms of efficiency, losing seven friendlies while downing only four hostiles.

After a quick bio, we decided to head back to Pure Blind and try to intercept some neutrals that were bullying our BFF’s in the D2 pocket.  We tried getting a stand-up fight but the majority of them were members of Project Nemesis and as such were douching it up in cloaky bombers and T3.  We managed to pop and pod an IT Manticore who happened to land at the edge of our bubble.  At this point, with a lack of suitable targets in Pure Blind, our FC called it and we headed for the barn.

On the way back there was a bit of discussion regarding Armor vs Shield and the benefits of each.  It went in circles for a bit, as would be expected, but the one though I’ve always had is this: every fleet has a place.  While some pilots prefer one ‘flavor’ over another, you will be a much better PvP’er if you can fit and fly (competently) a variety of ships.  I’m also sure that you’ll have a helluva lot more fun as well.

PS: I will be without the internets for about the next 10 days or so unless I can sweet-talk my provider into hurrying up the installation.  As a result, the only time I’ll be able to post will be over the lunch hour at the office so no guarantees on having something to read for the next week-and-a-half.  Stay frosty and fly it like you stole it in the meantime!

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