Back in action…

So, after taking pretty much the month of November off, I’ve been back in EVE.  As I posted on my alliance forums, it is much like putting on a pair of comfy slippers.  Since coming back I’ve been on a couple roams and helped neutralize a hostile POS that got put up in our home system.  I’ve also been looking for fights in my Arbitrator and the one I got in last night may be the best solo fight I’ve ever had; not based on my kill but on the fact that I should have been killed but managed to escape.

Having made a couple loops around the neighborhood I stopped in the home station to take a break for a few minutes.  When I got back to the computer, I see an intel report of a Dramiel flown by a Hydra pilot a few systems over.  Figuring that an Arbitrator would seem little threat, I undocked and tried to guess his route.  I landed on the WW-KGD gate in BDV3-T and waited.  Sure enough, gate fire, add one neutral.  He instantly broke cloak and we engaged.  I landed a scramble and web on him but he was dual-prop fitted (like any good Dram pilot should be) and fired his afterburner leaving only my Warrior II’s to try and catch him for damage.  As he hit 2/3 shield I see the gate fire again and two neuts added to local.  They quickly revealed themselves as Hurricanes and I quickly filled my drawers.

Thinking fast, I overheated my lows to get my reppers going as fast as they could and abandoned my Warriors.  After dismissing the annoying warning (yes, I’m sure I want to abandon them) I launched my EWAR drones and targeted the first cane while hammering my warp button.  They got off the jam but the second ‘cane had me pinned just as quick.  Switch targets, keep hammering warp while keeping an eye on the dram.  The dram pilot gets a scram on me as the second ‘cane loses lock but his momentum carried him out of range and my arby jumped into warp.

I was told afterward that I probably only had a 1 in 5 chance of hitting the roll with my drones, much less hitting it twice.  I don’t need to check the math as I already know that I was lucky to survive an encounter with a Dramiel and two Hurricanes, regardless of the mathematical odds.  I’m just proud of the fact that I had the presence of mind to get out of the situation and a good fit that allowed me to tank the damage they were applying while I tried to get away.  After the fight I suddenly felt like I had passed a new milestone and achieved a degree of ‘slipperiness’ that some of the really good PvP’ers I watch and emulate seem to have.

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1 Response to Back in action…

  1. Dism0 says:

    mr arbitrator is back. look forward to some of your small roams as long as they arent at the butt crack of dawn. great escape too bad the dramiel didnt die, they all need to.

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