The more people I meet…

… the more I like my dog.  So read a T-Shirt that I used to have when I was about 8 years old.  Decades later, it still holds true.  I’m not sure if it’s a matter of having less time to game and thereby less tolerance to put up with crap or if I’m just turning into a grumpy old man.

I like the majority of my corp/alliance mates so there’s no way I’ll throw any of them under the bus here but I find my general annoyance directed to two primary ‘personality types’; the “know-it-all guy” and the “super-serious-internet-spaceships” guy.

“Know-it-all guy” has played the game a long time, certainly more than me, and, in his mind at least, more than anyone else in the corp.  Got a question? His answer is right.  Need advice?  His is the best.  He’s a great asset to the corp given his skills, experience and abilities but rather than lead, he’ll sit on the sidelines and criticize.

“Serious-internet-spaceships-guy” actually does lead.  He’ll throw a fleet together to defend our space or attack a target of opportunity.  Problem with SISG is that EVE transcends a game.  Make a mistake or try to have a conversation in TS while in his fleet will get you reprimanded (regardless of the tactical situation).  To SISG’s credit, the corp is first and foremost and that includes KB stats, corp assets and the like.  To his detriment, it makes his fleets less fun.

So, what to do?  Well, lately, I’ve been sitting a lot of stuff out.  Since my little break in November I’ve enjoyed some peace and quiet, happily ratting or flying solo.  I want to participate in more operations/fleets, but KIAG and SISG really grate on my ears.  I’m hesitant to organize a roam for fear either or both will end up in my gang.  It doesn’t help that R/L has taken a turn for the worse as well, having been cut to part-time at my primary employer is really stressing me out as I’m considering a career change long-term and looking for options to fill in the gaps short term.   For the first time since joining my current corp I’m giving serious consideration to leaving.  I dread the thought of looking for a new corp to be perfectly honest, especially when I really question if I want to let two personalities sour my perception of my current corp.

While I doubt I have many readers (and probably most are in my current corp), I’d welcome any feedback and advice.  Do I stick it out, hang to the side and do my own thing within the context of the corp?  Do I take the position that life (and game time) is too short and I should find a different corp?  Do I wait until my R/L situation settles down before making a decision?  Is there anything I haven’t considered?  Any feedback is welcome.

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7 Responses to The more people I meet…

  1. Doesn’t every corp have one of each? I don;t know your current corp but I’d see if you can take a sabbatical and leave for high sec for a bit to recharge your batteries and get back into the swing of things.

  2. Latrodanes says:

    Have you discussed these two characters with your corp leadership? If they are annoying you, then the chances are they are annoying others. If they are annoying a lot of folks, then leadership should do something to correct the problem. If they do not, then I would recommend moving.

  3. Dism0 says:

    im trying to determine if i am one. i cant be the know it all guy because no way do i know it all and i cant be the serious spaceships guy because i dont FC. so call these people out. i have a pretty good idea who they are but i cant be certain.

    if you ever want to get a fleet going but dont want someone in your fleet let me know. i’ll start it and tell them straight up that i dont want them in fleet.

    in other news we are getting a pilgrim/force recon roam going soon. very few ppl in fleet and we are looking for ganks and not full fleet battles. probably want to get like 5-6 people max.

    • Tai Maac says:

      You’re neither Dismo. I’ll never have a problem with “salvage-o-matic-guy”. I got a Pilgrim gathering dust ATM, so keep me posted on that.

  4. Tai Maac says:

    @ Kirith – I took a break over November and I’m actually enjoying being back. Don’t think I could go back to high-sec. Low-sec pirate? Maybe.
    @ Latrodanes – It’s possible that’s the case; it’s also entirely possible that my R/L baggage has made me hypersensitive as well. Either way I’d rather find a solution myself instead of whining about personality conflicts to the HC.

  5. Kalaratiri says:

    As they say, ‘If you’re not having fun there’s no point in playing.’ There is no point sitting in dock doing nothing if you could be out having fun with a different corp (I have nothing against your corp, I’ve never met any of them 🙂 ). Personally I would wait till the new year. If things are no better I would seriously look at finding a new corp.

    Fly Safe

  6. Dism0 says:

    i have to admit i’ve looked on the forums for a new corp. i like LAWN because it doesn’t have a lot of rules (and i get to keep my loot to myself (i hate sharing)). although the corp is severely lacking FC’s and when someone does FC it usually ends up in a huge blob because so few people are good at it in the corp.

    if they’d give us our learning skills back and stop frying their servers we’d go on the roam. but yet, i must wait another day. i NEED those learning points! must… have… hull upgrades 5!

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