Meanwhile, in Utopia…

…the Angel Cartel considers activating the global self-destruct on all Dramiels.

I hate Dramiels.  They annoy the crap outta me.  I have literally spent hours in EFT trying to come up with a single ship that can counter it’s mix of speed and damage.  I have seen them harass and kill corpmates and as scouts they have blown our cover on roams countless times.  I have tried killing them solo and have been in gangs where we were shamed by our inability to catch and kill one.  I really hate this ship.  I hate it, therefore I respect it.  If I ever fly one, I will ensure that I do it justice.

It seems that other people hate the Dram too.  So much so that they would fit it like this.  This poor sap jumped into an impromptu gate camp and then, rather than burn off at 5K and blue-ball us yet again (like every other damn Dramiel pilot), he cloaks and tries to sneak away.  At first I felt good, having eliminated another of EVE’s tsetse flies, but after seeing the KM and thinking about just how badly it was flown, I just felt sorry that such a great ship came to such an ignominious end.

Dweeble GruntSponge, your faction frigate privileges are hereby revoked.

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1 Response to Meanwhile, in Utopia…

  1. Dism0 says:

    i cant see links from work but i hope thats the one that shows my harbinger as top damage! SEBO for the win!

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