Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.

The holiday season is upon us and to celebrate the season of warmth, cheer and peace, our Alliance is prepping for a major war deployment.  This, of course, brings joy to my in-game grinchy heart (which is two sizes too small).  I’m looking forward to finding Cindy-Lou Who’s proverbial candy cane/ratting ship/POS and swiping it from her/him.  Explosions shall be as plentiful as Who Pudding and rare Who-roast Beast!

Dr. Seuss references aside, I’ve been ratting like a madman to try and build up an ISK surplus even before I knew we were heading off to war (see my previous post about buying an Ashimmu).  Tai doesn’t rat, but his brother does, and until recently he had been using an Ishtar and running Gurista Havens.  For those of you who don’t know, thanks to Dominion, sov-holding alliances can ‘upgrade’ systems to spawn plexes to rat in.  These are great ISK faucets as all you have to do is open your on-board system scanner, set it to look for exploration and 20 seconds later you have a list of tasty NPC hang-outs to go plunder.  How you rat is, of course, up to you, but in the end no one really likes to do it so we try to find ways to maximize the amount of ISK generated by each wallet ‘tick’ (about every 20 minutes).  Tai’s brother could average about 5-6 million per tick, averaging out to around 18 million per hour.  There are guys in the alliance who average (average!!) 16 mil a tick so my income generation was pretty paltry in comparison.  I have been looking for ways to bump up my ISK-per-hour and settled on getting into a Tengu as my first goal.


I negotiated a deal with an alliance mate to buy a T2 fitted Tengu.  It’s not ideal as it’s way over-tanked and light on the DPS for my taste, but it’s a great start.  He moved it down to our home system and I logged on, accepted the contract and literally cleaned out my wallet.  I had enough to afford an Arbitrator if I needed one but that was it.

The bug….

Just as I was getting ready to undock “Pendulum” and take her for a spin, a red entered system.  I switched over to Tai, thinking I could play with the red if he was solo.   A second red entered system and my spidey sense started tingling.  I warped to a tactical above one of the gates and saw a Taranis.  I bugged out back to our POS and as I left warp the red count in system jumped to seven.  Almost simultaneously an alliance member started shouting in local that he was under attack.  He wasn’t on comms and wasn’t in fleet so I wasn’t about to warp back and help until I knew what was going on.  He got on TeamSpeak and told us he was under attack from the reds at the gate.  He was in a Tengu and they were in T2 frigs/dictors.  Those of us who were ready headed for the gate but he popped before we could get on grid.  To his credit, he acknowledged that he made a series of mistakes – not checking intel, not being in fleet and not being on comms.  He blindly jumped the gate and got jumped.  An expensive lesson to be sure and it heightened my sense of caution as I certainly didn’t want to give them a second Tengu, and one that I had owned for 20 minutes at that.

The Windshield…
Having been reminded that nowhere in EVE is safe I cautiously made my way to my preferred ratting system and started putting Pendulum through her paces.  My first stop was a half-finished Haven, perhaps started by the unfortunate alliance mate that just lost his Tengu.  I could tell that slinging missiles at the local Guristas was way more efficient than my Ishtar and the shield tank was laughing at the incoming DPS.  The last spawn appears and I get an adrenaline rush as there is a Dread Gurista battleship on the field.  He is my primary target and yields some nice faction ammo, some meta 4 modules but, most importantly, a Crystal Epsilon implant.   I continued to rat until I couldn’t stand it anymore, then went back to station, hopped in my Crane and made my way to Jita.  I placed a sell order for the implant that will more than cover the outlay for Pendulum, let me buy the faction mods to up the DPS and have enough let over to buy a couple Scimitars for the upcoming deployment.  I think in the course of one night more than a billion ISK passed through my wallet and in the biggest chunks I’ve played with in my EVE career.

On a different note, our Alliance has decided to do a ‘Secret Santa’.  Everyone spends 50 mil on each other and we have a forum thread where we give hints for what we would like to receive.  I’m planning on buying my recipient an Imperial Navy EANM as he likes to fly Rapiers and needs the extra resists.  I’ll also be throwing in a few Exotic Dancers, some Spiced Rum, Holoreels and Antibiotics as a gag.  Should be fun and I’ll be interested to see what I get from my ‘Santa’.

I’ll be busy in R/L with the holidays so this will probably be my last post until sometime next week.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas – find some time to spend with family and friends and don’t get ganked on your way to or from your gatherings.  CONCORD will be out in force.

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