Here there be boredom

I’ll admit that the title is a bit misleading as boredom in EVE is largely the by-product of failure to self-motivate.  By that definition, I’ve not been truly bored by the game but I have been suffering from a lack of motivation.  It could be the weather (it’s very, very cold right now) or it could be some other external factor but there’s been a real lack of activity in my current corp.  We were given some deployment orders to support the Goon invasion of Fountain but there has been precious little follow-through and a serious lack of operations there.  While I’d consider myself a “Junior FC” I just don’t have the experience yet to do anything with a fleet other than pad IT’s killboard.

Going a step further, the FOTM involves artillery, Maelstroms and Drakes and I don’t have the skills to fly them, nor do I want to scrap my current training plan to do so.  Going a step even further, I’m getting really tired of the chatter in the alliance TeamSpeak.  The last two or three nights I logged on there were conversations on marijuana, politics, real-life traumatic injuries and other assorted topics that I really don’t want to hear when I get on to play a game.  I like politics, don’t get me wrong, but that’s a topic that can really escalate a conversation in a heartbeat.

So, what’s a guy like me to do?  Try and organize a gang.  Last night I finally got 4-5 of us together in a separate channel and cajoled a more experienced alliance mate to FC it.  We roamed around home and had some interesting fights.  We brawled briefly with an Ashimmu; I was watching a gate and he landed on me.  He yellow-boxed and I started moving toward the gate.  He quickly fired and took my Retribution into armor but I managed to jump out as our Crow pilot landed on him.  Once he saw we were actively hunting him he bailed out.  As we sat on a nearby gate a noobship landed 10km off.  I honestly think he was auto-piloting in nullsec.  One shot from the Retribution and he was toast, along with his pod.  That will teach him not to use that “A” button on his HUD.

We’ve been having some scuffles with a local corp that has set up in an NPC system near home.  They really like to sit on jumpbridges in stealth bombers and look for easy ganks of NC pilots who are asleep at the wheel.  A few weeks ago they came through in conventional ships looking for a fight and got it from us in two rounds; the first near home and the second in their “home system”.  Since then, they’ve stayed in their bombers.  After some goading from both sides that led nowhere, we headed back home.  A few minutes after I docked we got reports that a single Manticore was running through our systems, talking smack and dropping probes.  He met a rather shameful end as we got between him and the rest of his gang and got a pro decloak from our Sabre pilot.

So, I think I’m making some plans to shake things up.  Stay tuned as this won’t be a “quick fix” but things are starting to crystallize.

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2 Responses to Here there be boredom

  1. Wensley says:

    The best way to relieve Eve boredom is to get out there an challenge yourself so well done there. If you want to improve your FC skills, though, don’t cajole other people into leading gangs. Pick something fast and cheap to lose and go out and have fun. If it all goes horribly wrong then never mind, people knew that they might lose their ships and it was nothing expensive. Have a little debrief afterwards, ask your gang what they would have done differently and next time you’ll be better. Keep doing this and you’ll improve in no time. As you get a reputation for leading fun gangs more people will join, you’ll be able to get better fights, and you’ll get even better. I can recommend interceptor gangs as a good fun way of PvPing with a good chance of getting a fight and being able to disengage.

    Good luck!

    Oh, and if you don’t want to pad IT’s killboard stats ask in alliance chat to see if anyone has found a wormhole to other nullsec space. Jump through it and then roam back towards home or high sec if home is too far away.

    • Tai Maac says:

      Thanks for the comment and suggestions Wensley. I absolutely agree about challenging myself and the plan I alluded to will involve just that.

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