Fun in Fountain

As part of the “Cluster” coalition, our Alliance has moved assets to Cloud Ring to assist in the eviction of IT renters, providing an opportunity for us to collectively and individually flex our muscles a bit.  I’m taking advantage of the situation to step up as an FC as well as flying in support of other alliance operations.

Thursday night I had posted a small ship roam on our forums.  When the time came to head out there was a total of three of us in fleet.  I wanted to roam anyway, so I undocked my Crusader and was joined by a Thrasher and Eres.  We headed into Fountain, encountering an assortment of neutrals and reds in the systems we passed through until my Eres pilot reported an -IT- Arazu on the out gate in YZS5-4.  He didn’t want to play and jumped through to XF-TQL.  The Thrasher pilot and I moved into YZS as my forward scout followed through to XF.  As I was making safes, the Arazu pilot jumped back to us in YZS and uncloaked on the XF gate where my Thrasher pilot was sitting.  The Arazu yellow-boxed my Thrasher pilot and I ordered him to engage as I warped to him.  All three of us were on him and punching into his armor when he lit a covert cyno.  I immediately called the bail-out and we proceeded to burn off as ships began bridging in.  The Ares pilot was out first but the original Arazu had been joined by a second.  These two, plus a Rapier, had snagged my crusader and the thrasher.  We burned as fast as we could and I heard my Thrasher pilot call that he was clear.  I was mashing the warp button but was still scrambled.  Eventually I pulled range and was able to pulse my MWD to clear all the points on me and warp off.  The only casualties in the fight were the thrashers’ MWD and enough fuel to bridge in the 15 -IT- pilots to try and catch two ‘ceptors and a destroyer.

We debated what to do after the reds left local and thought we could try pushing deeper into Fountain to repair the Thrasher’s MWD; this plan got ditched once my Ares pilot reported a bomber-heavy camp with Arazu and Rapier support on the gate in 3WE.  We turned around for Cloud Ring.  The only excitement on the way back was a 25-man red fleet that we let pass back through us.


Last night our Alliance decided to put on our ‘big boy pants’ and attack a strategic objective; setting up SBU’s and incapping a TCU in Babylon 5 space.  We deployed an impressive fleet of caps with sub-cap support.  I flew a Curse in the support fleet so I wasn’t able to see the fireworks at the TCU.  There was no resistance from -IT- as they chose to try and engage a blue fleet a couple systems over which went badly for them.

On the way back our forward scout reported an approximately 30-man Rote Kapelle gang in B-DBYQ camping a bubble on the DY-F70 gate.  We jumped in and warped to them as our scout was trying to vainly escape the bubble.  We drove them off, killing an armor ‘cane in the process.  Mission accomplished, we stood the fleet(s) down and called the operation a success.

Much more activity is on the horizon so I’m hoping for lots to blog about.

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1 Response to Fun in Fountain

  1. Jaggins says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for your fleets, and try to join you sometime! I’m always game for a quick roam, which is much easier since Goons built the B-D station.

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