The Hammer

It was all Tai could do to keep his bleary eyes open.  The stim-sticks had worn off hours ago and despite the marvels of modern nano-tech, he was suffering from fatigue.  Twenty-three jumps each way, for a total of fourteen ships all added up to an incredible number of systems he was passing through over and over again.  In a moment of self-awareness, he realized the time he was spending in Empire was solidifying why he hated it so; the traffic at the gates, the idiotic chatter over local sub-space, the throngs of people in the stations.  It was overwhelming to his senses.

Soon, he thought.  Soon he’d be finished with the move and on to more exciting things.  The opportunities open to him caused his heart to race.  As one of the first pilots of the fledgling corp, Tai had a rare amount of freedom at his disposal.  He recalled some of his first experiences flying in combat and the feeling of confidence he shared with his wingmates that flew with him every night.  In the heat of combat this confidence overwhelmed them all, their ships movements, positions and targets becoming one expression of their will to fight, survive, and hold the field.

He activated yet another gate and felt the familiar disorientation as his ship and body were instantly transferred light-years away.  He initiated warp again and the nearly imperceptible movement of the ship’s hull pressed his body gently back into his seat like a caress.  No. Regardless of how exhausted he was he couldn’t let his mind wander in that direction.  “Focus on the now,” he muttered under his breath.  Now is the time of new opportunity. Now is the time to extend his skills, his knowledge, even his courage.

Now is the time for the Hammer to fall.

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