Welcome to Syndicate

This past week has re-affirmed my belief that real life has an impeccable sense of timing.  Since my last blog post (a week ago) I have been struggling to find time for EVE.  Whether the culprits have been additional night shifts, activities with the family or a major blizzard, the results are the same: Tai hadn’t seen much action in Syndicate since getting some assets into the region.

I finally ran down there in an Anathema with about 30 million in boosters in the hold, opting to take the long way through Cloud Ring instead of running the ever-present gate camps in PF-346 and FD-MLJ.  Safe in system I grabbed a Pilgrim and decided to tour the neighborhood.  Only went about 9 jumps away but there was very little traffic.  Called it a night at that point.

Yesterday, thanks to a snow day, I was able to put the finishing touches on my empire PI network (read more at the end of this post) and log in Tai for what I hoped was some pew-pew fun.  We set up a small gate camp in A-SJ8X but aside from a blue fleet we saw nothing.  Wife aggro dictated that I take a break.  Later that night I tried my luck again, going out in the Pilgrim to check on the high number of NPC kills I was seeing in a few nearby systems.  The first one I check has 8 neutrals in local.  Sweet!  Warp to the center of the system hitting the D-scan as I go.  Fighters, fighters, Nyx, Aeon, Thanatos, Nyx…  Not a single viable target to solo.  I decide to move on and check EN-V0D which has a huge NPC kill tally.  Jump in system, warp to a likely planet hitting the D-scan to try and find the single neutral.  Raven!! It disappears as I get closer and even though there were wrecks in almost all the belts the raven had cloaked.  I suspect a bot but it looked like the belts were ‘chained’ with only battleship wrecks present and cruiser/frigs still alive.  I don’t know enough about bots to know whether they are capable of chaining or not.  I tried a logoffski to see if I could get lucky but even after a 15 minute delay I had no joy.

Headed back to A-S and saw some former corpmates in a fleet running through the area.  We chatted a bit in local.  I ended the night trying to catch a Dead Terrorist pilot that had logged in to the station.  I gave up after about 45 minutes and called it a night.  Hopefully I’ll have some good fights in the next night or two – I just need to get acclimated to the area to know where to hunt.


Carebear stuff ahead!

I have a number of alts that I hadn’t messed with since the latest patch removed learning skills.  In a moment of clarity I realized that I could put them to work generating an additional passive income source; PI materials.  I bought the skills and sunk their learning SP’s into them.  With the changes to PI managing three alts with 5 colonies each takes about 30 minutes and I estimate I’m generating approximately 5-7 million ISK per day (give or take) from some pretty crappy highsec planets.  Work the math out and that’s a nice boost to the ol’ wallet.  I know it’s not for everyone but if you’ve got some alts with unallocated SP’s sitting around, you might just want to take a look at Planetary Interaction. I highly recommend EVE University’s excellent PI guide for a good introduction.

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