As part of my continued move-in process in Syndicate I’ve been making some bookmarks in and around the systems we hang out in and pass through.  It can be mind-numbingly tedious at times but that one tactical may just save my bacon sometime in the future so I consider it time well spent, even if there’s precious little to show for it.

I’m in the process of making some off-gates when a big Goon/DC/NC fleet comes through.  I’m scanning them down and I get result after result with ships named after the character.  I thought that maybe it would be a few ships out of what looked to be an 80+ alpha drake/maelstrom fleet but it was persistent.  I’d wager that at least 20 ships had the same name as the pilot.  Some of the ones that didn’t had nifty names like “Alpha Mael” “1400’s” and “HML+damp”.  I hear what you’re saying… Tai, whats the big deal?  In a fleet that big it really doesn’t matter.  I agree with that… up to a point.

What does it say about a pilot who undocks without even checking the name of his ship?  To me, it says ‘carelessness’.  The pilot(s) in question have little care for protecting the anonymity granted through the d-scanner.  Likewise, I would wager that they took the same level of care when it came to fitting their ship, loading the appropriate ammo or even being prepared for the objective at hand.  If I’m in a fleet and I scan a friendly who hasn’t renamed his ship my first thought is often “I wonder what else he forgot to do.”  Frankly, it’s annoying, and in a smaller fleet it can give free intel to the eyes in the system.  Will it cost someone a ship, or potentially cost the fleet an engagement?  No one can say for sure but I abide by the adage that you never give the enemy information, no matter how small or slight the perceived advantage.

1. any of various volelike rodents…[that] migrates periodically when its population reaches a peak.
2. a member of any large group following an unthinking course towards mass destruction.

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