There are times in EVE where there’s nothing going on.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.  Everyone’s sitting in station, spinning ships, doing PI on alts, farting around with the market, whatever.  Or, like me, you’re waiting for new corpmates to get stuff moved into the neighborhood.  Like my fellow blogger Wensley said, “the best way to relieve Eve boredom is to get out there and challenge yourself.”  Following his excellent advice, I’ve tried some solo roaming (which turns into a game of gatecamp avoidance here in Syndicate) but had no kills to show for it.  Yesterday afternoon during some free time I decided to take my Crusader out, fit it for dealing with gate rats and make some bookmarks in the neighboring systems.

As I pop into P2-4LS there’s no one else in system.  Perfect time to make insta-undocks from the three stations.  As I finish up the last, there’s a new neutral in system.  I pick up a Nemesis as he uncloaks at the in gate and quickly warp to his out gate (A-SJ8X).  Second neutral pops into system, unaffiliated with the Nemesis pilot.  Scan the gate…  TENGU!! The pilot is in a noob corp as well! The nemesis decloaks and jumps through and I jump with him, hoping to land a tackle on the other side.  No dice as he loads grid before I do and cloaks up.  I’m frantically typing in alliance to get someone, anyone to meet me at the gate to catch this Tengu.  After a few minutes, he jumps in system and cloaks.  A few minutes later, the Nemesis uncloaks.  Gotcha!  Scram applied, orbiting and… gate flash.  Second gate flash.  I’m trying to align after the first flash but the Nemesis has me scrambled as well.  Suddenly, three Tengus are at the gate and my Crusader goes pop.  I was told later that the alliance ‘cane pilot that joined me on the gate was hollering in comms for me to get out as he had an alt that saw them crash the other side of the gate.  Chalk this one up to being aggressive and in the wrong comm channel.

So, having lost a ship earlier in the day I logged in after watching the big game.  Nothing was happening so I grabbed a bubble and anchored it in a particularly nasty spot – it drags from both the opposite gate (16.4 AU away) and the station (same distance).  It’s a bit closer than I’d like (+/-55km from the gate itself) but I found that anything further yields inconsistent ‘catches’ with the small T1 bubble and I much prefer the small as it decloaks any ship that hits it.  Along with my bubble bookmark I have a “warp-to” spot between the bubble and gate and a perch where I can sit and monitor the gate.  I anchored the bubble and switched ships to a Pilgrim.

First catch of the evening was an alliance-mate.  We formed a fleet and our camp turned into two.  A third and fourth alliance pilot joined up and we had a nice little gang set up.  The next catch was three drakes.  We didn’t have the firepower to take them so they were allowed to pass.  Time was ticking and with 10 minutes left before bedtime a neutral logged in, presumably at the station.  A few minutes later and a Sabre appeared on scan.  I de-cloaked and warped to my spot, landing just in time to hear “Point” over comms.  We reminded this pilot to never be in a hurry and remember that bouncing celestials is a good habit to get into, especially with multiple neutrals/hostiles in system that aren’t at the station.

Now that my first LUCRH kill is on the books and the ice is broken I’m looking forward to logging in tonight and seeing if I can’t add to the total.

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