The stars align…

Last night was a great night.  A T1 cruiser fleet was forming up and I was itching to go.  Given the modules I had on hand I decided to go with an Omen fitted for agility and maximizing the shield EHP. The resulting fit has a bit of a big signature radius but I figured that if I had any chance of staying alive it was a decent trade-off.  We set out and headed for some activity in Great Wildlands.

We really didn’t see anything of interest and by the time we got close to our destination the map had updated and our targets were long gone.  Our FC decided to try and hunt some ratters so we set a new destination, popping a Navitas that happened to jump into us.  We held on the in gate to L1S while our forward scout did some poking around.  He started narrowing down an Abaddon to a belt.  Point was called and the fleet jumped in and warped to our scout.  Although we ended up losing the stiletto, we did okay.

Minus one scout we started heading back home only to run into a mixed True Reign gang that took out scout number two.  We set an alternative course home and did just fine until we ran into yet another gang that had its way with our T1 fleet.  It was a good fight, lasting quite a long time as we burned away from the gate hoping to draw tackle out to us.  A fun fleet to be sure and I was very surprised to dock the Omen back up at the end of it.

A little while later a new fleet formed and went out, this time armor-based.  We roamed a LONG way on this one, ending up in Detroid where we flirted with a stealth-bomber gang who did not want to play.  Heading back through Wicked Creek we managed to snag a Crow but saw precious little else in the way of small gangs or viable single targets. Finally we found some DoG pilots in ES-UWY who seemed at least interested in our scout/bait.  After what seemed an eternity, point was called on a Cynabal off the station.  We took full advantage of that opportunity.

I would be remiss to point out how different flying with Rote is already turning out to be.  The Zealot I took out on the second roam was armor fit with an afterburner in typical NC blob fashion. As we burned through a bubble in Wicked Creek I fell well behind the rest of the fleet.  The FC noticed and had me bounce a nearby planet.  Being a novice FC myself, I know how irritating it can be to have a pilot not fit correctly but instead of dressing me down (which he had every right to do), I had a PM on the forum from another FC who was in the fleet with helpful advice.  The level of ‘professionalism’ is striking and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

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2 Responses to The stars align…

  1. Dism0 says:

    nice to see you roaming still. hit me up when you have some downtime.

  2. Tai Maac says:

    I will definitely do that!

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