Learning the ropes

Tai Maac is two years and a couple months old.  He has been in two null-sec alliances, Red versus Blue and done his share of lowsec yarr.  His combined kill/loss record is 201 and 41 with an efficiency north of 90%.  Stats are just stats at the end of the day but you would think that someone with that line would know what he’s doing; I certainly thought I did.  I thought I was pretty good at fitting ships, piloting them (manually and otherwise), and operating as part of a fleet.

Turns out I still have things to learn.

Since joining Rote, I’ve been able to be part of a few fleets now.  As a result, I have been pushed individually to a new level of competency, both in how I fly and in how I fit my ships.  I’ll follow up with more specific examples in another post but I’ve learned that there are three levels of fittings: comedy, passable and good.  Early in my career I learned how to fit ships.  Largely self-taught, I was able to skip the ‘comedy’ level but I’ve discovered that I have been hanging out in the ‘passable’ range.  My fittings have been okay but not taken to that next level I mentioned.  It’s like I’ve spent the money on a Corvette but decided to swap the wheels for the ones on the family minivan.  My ships still have the horsepower (because they’re space-vettes) but they’re not getting it to the road.  I may still beat someone but my performance isn’t maximized.

So, two nights ago I undocked a Huginn as part of a roaming fleet (even though it was only a couple nights ago I still blush at the fit).  We set off for Detroid with a small gang, looking for some kills.  As we moved through Scalding Pass our forward scout reported a small gang landing on the in-gate with him in YI-GV6.  We held to see what they would do.  A ‘cane jumped through to us in DE-A7P and bailed before we could point him but an Astarte followed within a few seconds.  He was pointed and made “a starte” to our roam.  Our forward scout reported another hurricane on the DE gate in YI and our Cynabal went in to try and play.  The ‘cane foolishly red-boxed, fleet jumped in and took care of him as well.

We continued to roam for a while with our fleet picking up a number of other small ships that caught up to us.  Our quick-lockers managed an Enyo kill in F9O-U9 but everywhere else the ‘bears were POS’ing up once our scout hit local.  We headed home and I spent the rest of the evening basking in the glow of my first command ship kill.

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4 Responses to Learning the ropes

  1. Now I just have to ask, what was your old Huginn fit, speaking of huginn’s I haven’t taken mine out in, well just about forever, I think it still has large rigs in fact! Or rigless… even worse.

    I think that Astarte was somewhere between comedy and good, but mostly comedy.. nice t2 AB to that man. Enjoy the Friday night gangs if you can make them! Best part of Rote 🙂

  2. Tai Maac says:

    The Huginn fit involved HAMs…

    The Astarte had an AB? I couldn’t get past the cap injector with 200’s loaded and the 1200 nanite paste. 😛

  3. Dism0 says:

    im jealous. i want a command ship kill! 😦

    i just started training minimatar cruiser now that battlecruiser 5 is finished. i’ll be able to fly one soon! still wanna chat with you.. hit me up when you’re online.

  4. Jaggins says:

    Post fits, or it didn’t happen!

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