Here I am / Rock you like a …

Where's my AuqaNet?!?

Yeah. You know the words. Great song by a kick-ass band and, as it turns out, a pretty bitchin’ ship too. Five of us (I’m the one with the sparkly codpiece) went on an impromptu roam last night and I was able to log my first PvP action in what seemed to be a long time.  While I was not happy about being kept away from EVE, I was very happy to log in last night and see that a new Hurricane and the required fittings had been delivered to my hangar.

Whenever the call for shield BC’s had gone out I had always felt like the red-headed stepchild flying the Zealot or shield Harbinger amongst the Vagabonds and Hurricanes.  I had recognized a while back that while the ships I could fly did the job, they were sub-optimal and there’s a lot to be said for having ships with very similar performance in a small gang versus an odd duck or two.  Stepchild no more, I tight-rolled my jeans for nostalgia’s sake and we headed out.  We didn’t venture too far from home, finding some activity in X-M2LR when a Cynabal jumped into us.  We jumped with him but he waited out his cloak timer, jumped back and we missed the tackle on the other side.  This prompted us to follow him to FD-MLJ and our scout reported a mixed cruiser gang landing on our in gate.  We sent a Hurricane through and we were pleased to hear them red-boxing.  We jumped in and went to work.  The Vexor was called primary for DPS but I decloaked closer to the Arbitrator and pointed him while hitting the Vexor with my autocannons.  All three were splashed.

As we were tidying up the mess we made the locals began stirring, offering us a Drake which we obligingly tackled.  This was followed in quick succession by a heavy gang with Basilisk support so we started disengaging.  I had been pointed by a Tempest who was also neuting the hell out of my cap.  I had aligned and was burning away but as soon as I had a sliver of cap my MWD would eat it.  I was finally able to get out of range of his heavy neut and get enough cap to warp off leaving them completely empty-handed.

This was my first skirmish in a Hurricane and I really like how it performed.  From a practical standpoint, I need to pay much closer attention to where it’s pointed and what it’s doing as, unlike the Amarr bricks I’m used to, the Hurricane responds quickly and has speed to get out of point range.  If the Zealot and Harbinger are old-school heavyweights that stand in the ring and just slug it out, the Hurricane feels like an MMA fighter who deflects the opponent’s punches and kicks until it’s time to go to the mat and finish.

I think I might like it.

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