Done with PvP

So, after much consideration I’ve decided that PvP isn’t my thing.  I know that Tai has compiled some good stats and I’ve had a lot of great fights but at this point the whole “fit a ship, fly around to find something to shoot, try and get them to fight, maybe get blown up, rinse and repeat” routine to be just a bit tiring.

Tai is going to join a nice highsec corp and turn his attention to industry.  According to EveMon he should be able to fly an Orca in about a month or so.  I undocked last night in an Arbitrator, warped to a belt and started mining.  I have to say that the sound of the mining lasers was really soothing.  I also discovered that if I’m just mining I can really multi-task a lot better as it was really easy to browse the ‘net from the in-game browser. I was able to clean out a lot of PVP-related browser bookmarks too.

Speaking of cleaning out, I had about 300 bookmarks from my 0.0 roams that I deleted while I was mining.  I also traded a bunch of PvP ships and modules to my alt and put them up on the market.  I should be able to get a real good start on the Orca fund from those sales.

I hope my change of direction doesn’t turn off what few readers I have.  I plan to continue to blog but just change the focus to more industrial and PvE pursuits.  If you just found the blog through some PvP-related search I’m sorry for the change of direction.  I don’t plan on removing any content as it’s still worthwhile but I doubt I’ll add much to it.

Look for a revision to the Arbitrator guide that focuses on a good fit for mining.  It actually does really well and once I get the mining drone skills up I’ll be chewing through the space rocks in no time flat.

Yes, it is a momentous day for me.  I’m looking forward to the new set of challenges before me as I dive head-first into the deep end of industry.  Here’s to a new beginning.

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5 Responses to Done with PvP

  1. You had me going there for a second. Well played. Happy April 1st.

  2. Rixx Javix says:

    Oh noes!!

    Maybe we can all join you? I know Angor loves to mine rocks.

  3. Tai Maac says:

    This is quite possibly my favorite day of the year.

  4. Dism0 says:

    i know this is nothing but bullshit after reading the topic =P

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