Fourteen Days

I have now been a member of Noir. for two weeks.  These two weeks have been an introduction into a style of combat that I have never experienced until now.  Always before I had undocked looking for the “good fight” just for the sake of the fight.  It was fun, to be sure, but now there is definite purpose to the fight.  I have some thoughts about asymmetrical combat and how that fits into what I’m doing now but I need some more time for them to gel.  I can see the genesis of what may be several posts on the topic once they stop sloshing around my brain.

Since joining Noir. I’ve been flying a Purifier on our current contract.  It’s the first time I’ve flown a bomber and to be honest, I don’t like it.  The advantages of high DPS/alpha and warping while cloaked aren’t offset enough by it’s incredibly slow AU/sec warp speed and pathetic maneuverability.  I’m planning to swap it out for something else that I actually enjoy flying tonight.  The Dramiel tempts me like a tempting temptress…  I’ve also thought about unpacking my Curse or buying a Vagabond.  Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of choices, I really liked Eelis Kiy’s post titled “Killmail Ship Stats – What Do Yours Say About You?”  I have combed my killboard and here’s what mine say about me.

First off, my kill totals seem really, really low for a two-year-old character.  Granted, Tai sat in a station training learning skills for the first four months of his career and there were a couple periods of inactivity, but 259 kills in 18 months works out to less than a kill every two days.  I gotta get busy…

Armageddon: 57 kills (22% of total).   This was my POS-bashing ship of choice.  It’s no wonder I got burned out with the big fleets.

Harbinger: 45 kills (17% of total).  If there was a call for a BC gang, shield or armor, this was my first choice.  I do enjoy the Harb as a brawling battlecruiser though it leaves much to be desired in terms of agility.

Zealot: 25 kills (9% of total).  I started flying the Zealot as an alternative to the Harbinger.  I found that even shield-tanked it did a much better job controlling range and keeping up with shield fleets where people normally flew a…

Hurricane: 20 kills (8% of total).  I accumulated all of these kills within the past 30 days or so since finishing up my medium projectile specs.  Love the ‘cane.

Arbitrator: 19 kills (8% of total).  My favorite T1 cruiser.  So much fun to fly with a shot of Exile and dual reps.  Check out my Arbitrator Guide for more discussion on the golden wedge of death.

Purifier: 15 kills (6% of total).  Accumulated all within the past 14 days.  As I mentioned before, I think these may be the LAST 15 kills I get with it.

Huginn: 12 kills (5% of total).  I’ve blogged about my Huginn before.  I kind of dig it but it’s usefulness is somewhat limited, especially in situations where a Rapier offers more flexibility.  If you’re just brawling/camping on a gate it’s pretty good.  Plus it has green engine exhaust.  Green!

Rifter: 12 kills (5% of total).  Most of these kills were from my time in Red vs Blue.

All my other ships make up the rest.  I have a few kills in other assorted T1 and T2 cruisers.  I was surprised that I only have 9 kills in a Curse.  It seemed like that was all I was flying for a good bit of time but I was probably constantly primaried and warping in and out of the fights.

Thanks again to Eelis for a fun exercise.

….Non-EVE content ahead….

With the return of warmer weather I’ve started running again, averaging about 6-10 miles a week.  I’ve built back up to last fall’s endurance and pace and signed up for a 5K on May 14th.  I’ve set out a training schedule for the rest of the summer and if all goes according to plan I’ll run a few more races and end 2011 by running in the Kansas City Marathon in October.  Wish me luck.

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