Maiden Voyage of the Dragon

Per my previous post I swapped out of the Purifier stealth bomber in favor of a Vagabond which I named “I’m A Dragon – RAWR!” based upon its’ looks.  In my opinion, to be good/efficient at PvP, you have to develop a knack for getting out of tight situations which requires keeping your cool, having a good fit and not making a mistake.  Failure in any one area will mean your destruction, especially when fighting outnumbered.  I got to test my mettle in all three last night.

We took a bit of a walk last night hoping to stir up the local ratters.  After no joy other than a single shuttle kill we began heading back the way we came.  We had a Crane jump into a system with us at one point and as we were traversing a system I noticed the +1 was that same pilot.  (Side note here – why am I good at remembering name+ship combination in EVE but struggle with names in real life?  Anyone else suffer the same affliction?)  Our interceptor pilot warps back to our in gate as local bumps by two more.  There is now a Paladin on our in gate.  Our FC orders us back to the gate once our ceptor pilot calls a point.  As we’re in warp I said over comms that my “Spidey sense was tingling” and, as it turns out, with good reason.  I land on grid as the gate fires again.  The Crane, our original target, decloaks and starts burning back for the gate.  I ask for orders and the FC tells us to engage the Paladin.  As soon as we start yellow-boxing the Paladin a Drake and Tengu uncloak with us on the gate and the Crane jumps back through.  FC orders us to bug out and since I’m closer to the gate I figure I’ll jump with the Crane and see if I can catch him.

Grid loads in the next system and I begin moving to break cloak.  The Crane uncloaks as well and I start burning for him as he re-cloaks.  Almost simultaneously local bumps by 1 (I recognize the Tengu pilot’s name) and he uncloaks only 2500 km from me.  I try and burn off him but he snags me with a scram.  I’m now snared 7500 from the gate and starting to take damage from him.  I know the other ships are waiting but I have no choice other than to jump back.

I’ve calmly been informing my fleetmates about what is happening and as I load grid I report the Drake and Paladin still on the gate.  I overheated my MWD and pointed my slippery lil’ dragon away from them, double-clicked in space and lit my prop mod.  20k turned to 40k in a flash and I warped to a safe.

In all, it was a good test of what I can expect from flying a Vagabond.  Scrams will mean death and I’ve got to always maintain range; much like flying a Rifter I will have the upper hand over most other ships I encounter and I’ve got to use it to my advantage.  My only complaint?  It seems to take AGES to lock anything in it, especially after flying a frigate for the past two weeks.

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