I done good…

Last night was full of distractions for me (read chatty wife) but I had a phantom in our main Ventrilo channel and was half-listening to the conversation there.  I heard something about a Drake messing around with one of our interceptor pilots.  This was followed by a few more corpmates saying they were moving to assist.  I jumped into the channel and started moving that direction as well.

We landed on the gate as our interceptor pilot reported him moving back toward us.  He jumped in system and held cloak.  I began manually orbiting the gate and spamming the directional scanner at the same time, thoroughly expecting him to be bait.  He breaks cloak and starts burning back toward the gate.  I pulse my MWD and manage my first-ever pr0 bump, sending him careening away.  His buffer is still too much for us and he jumps out with 1/3 shield left.

On the other side of the gate our interceptor pilot reports him holding cloak again.  My aggression timer expires and I jump in just as he warps off with our ‘ceptor pilot in pursuit.  He is chased to a second planet’s custom office and then logs off.  I just happen to have an alt in the neighborhood that I have been using for scanning duty (and giving me good probing practice).  I log him in and warp to the system with the dirty CTL+Q’er.  Launch probes and first scan resolves him to 50%.  One more scan and I have him at 100% leading to the inevitable outcome.

My scorecard for the night included a Drake, a pod, a successful scan-down and a good bump. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

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3 Responses to I done good…

  1. Kalaratiri says:

    Would you mind asking Isolda how he’s liking Noir for me? :p he’s an old corpmate and I’d like to know how he’s getting on over there.

  2. Cass Dyson says:

    Calm on coms and the scanning was spot on. Good clean kill.

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