First Contract Wrap-Up

Last night I exited Insmother without any trouble and, once back in highsec, kicked back with a couple cold ones while moving my stuff around in preparation for the next contract.  Honestly, I have too much crap sitting around, both ships and modules, and this is a good time to start trimming the fat (and no, you can’t have my stuff).  I have four ships that I’m planning to fly heavily for the foreseeable future – the rest are going to be mothballed somewhere and/or sold on market.

So, with my suitcase in the capable hands of Red Frog Freight (whom I highly recommend), I thought it would be a good idea to take stock of what I was able to accomplish on my first-ever contract as a member of Noir.  I pulled up my KB and created a campaign to collate the results and here’s how it looks at first glance:

100% efficiency, 24 kills, 0 losses, 1.71 billion ISK damage.

Of those kills, 15 were in a Purifier, 9 were in a Vagabond.  I had no solo kills but I’m okay with that.  I had a couple opportunities that I probably could have scored a solo kill but I became a bit paranoid about a massive fleet of Russian carriers just waiting for a cyno to go up.

Beyond the kills and fights I can look back at this experience and make the following observations:

  1. I have been looking for small-gang warfare for the last year. I found it first in Rote Kapelle but it was tinged by friction with my corp. I feel very lucky to have found it again and in the context of getting to know some really nice folks as well.
  2. It was very strange to essentially “live” in my ship for a month.  I had to have everything I needed – paste, ammo, drones, etc. – on board with me.  Losing drones became a major headache and something I never would have considered a problem before.  When you’re deep in sovereign 0.0 however, it’s no easy thing to fix.
  3.  Having this experience has underscored the feeling that I need to focus on just a couple ships – if for no other reason than to just keep my hangar lean.
  4. I’m done with bombers.  I think they can be fun and I’m sure I’ll play with one again sometime but they are so specialized you really need to enjoy a certain type of combat and it’s just not me.

It was a great introduction to Noir. and it challenged me in new ways.  On to the next!

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