I’m back

As my last post indicated, I re-subbed to EVE after failed forays into the Star Wars MMO and some other interests kept me away for an entire year.  Before re-committing to EVE, I had to answer some questions in my mind, such as why did I leave and what will I do to keep my interest high?  To answer the first I needed to review/remember the reasons I left in the first place.  I believe there were two primary reasons behind my sudden departure:

  1. Burn-out grinding ISK.  I think that, in retrospect, I tried too many things at once.  Gathering data cores, trying to manage a high-sec POS, buy orders, PI, all these ‘passive’ streams ended up being way more time than I possibly imagined.
  2. Burn-out on PvP.  My time in Noir., although short, was very different and, in the end, not the style I liked.  It would have taken me a long time to get comfortable being an FC for Noir., not only because of the experience level of the other pilots there, but also the pressure to maintain a positive killboard.  Bad mercenaries don’t get paid.

So, after analyzing these reasons for leaving I had to figure out if I could either deal with them again or find an alternative solution.  I intended for my first month back to be my timeframe for wrapping my head around that.  

I joined RvB and had some goodfights but I don’t like losing ships, even Rifters.  When you’re in a fleet of frigs you’re bound to be primaried and I found that happening.  RvB is also a good learning experience for new FC’s and a couple of them were good; a couple were not so good.  I also missed being able to undock in my shiny ships and the general teamwork that sophisticated 0.0 fleets offer.  In regard to grinding ISK, I decided that high-sec mission running was just boring as hell and the time/ISK ratio sucked.  Toward the middle of last month I started feeling the call back to 0.0.

A new question arose: where to go?  I had lots of possibilities but finally had a few drinks and reached out to a recruiter for LAWN.  Not more than 3 minutes into the convo I had been joined by several former corpmates and got the current low-down on LAWN’s situation.  I felt a bit uneasy about the blue status with Goons (still do, tbh) but I’m experienced enough to know you need big friends.  Within an hour I had decided to return to Pure Blind with a fresh set of goals and expectations.

First up – make some ISK.  I hate ratting but it’s good money.  That, coupled with LAWN’s reimbursement program, should allow me to fatten up the ol’ wallet.  I’ve also discovered that I’m not too bad at poker.  EVE hold ’em can provide a break from ratting when I bore of shooting Guristas.

Secondly – scale back my alts.  I’ve decided to restrict myself to a single account.  Between ratting and EOH I hope I can eventually make enough to play for free.

Thirdly – start whelping some fleets.  I’ve got to figure out where the good hunting grounds are but that will come after a few roams under other FC’s.

Finally – know my limits.  If there’s a CTA, I’m online and have a couple hours to spare I’ll join up.  I hate going into personal details on an EVE blog, but I have four boys, three of them play baseball and I’m the pitching coach for my oldest’s team.  Family before EVE will be my motto this time around.

So, I’m now settled in to Pure Blind with a few ships.  Family obligations will keep me away for the next few nights but I hope to soon be blogging about new exploits with a very familiar cast of characters.

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