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The Escape Act

Just a quick post today relating a roam that ended horribly for some fellow alliance mates.  We took an assortment of Assault Frigs (I was in a Malediction) into a dead-end pocket in Tribute, looking for trouble.  On our way … Continue reading

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Well, that was embarrassing…

Remember how I said earlier that I don’t like losing ships, even frigs?  Losses eat on me, probably more than they should at this point in my EVE “career”.  If I’m ganked while solo or primaried in a fleet it’s … Continue reading

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I forgot what I’ve learned

I’d guess that I’m now approaching 45 days being back in EVE.  Some things feel very different to me, from the love Assault Ships received, to the T3 battlecruisers to just re-learning the UI.  I’m still fiddling with my overview … Continue reading

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