I forgot what I’ve learned

I’d guess that I’m now approaching 45 days being back in EVE.  Some things feel very different to me, from the love Assault Ships received, to the T3 battlecruisers to just re-learning the UI.  I’m still fiddling with my overview settings and really haven’t had much time to assess where I am.  Before my hiatus I had a pretty clear-cut goal for something I wanted to fly but I honestly can’t remember what it was.  My EVEMon plans disappeared during a Windows upgrade and though I had some musings on plans here at Tai One On, I’ve been struggling with where to go from here.

One sort of fun thing is re-discovering what Tai can and can’t fly.  Turns out I finished Logistics V at some point back in the day.  I took advantage of that and flew a Scimitar in a recent op.  It was good practice getting in the logistics chat channel, setting up an overview for heals, tweaking the fit, etc.. Perhaps I’ve matured enough that I could go on roams flying a logi and not caring about kills.  I’ll get back to you on that one.

Some other oddities have surfaced in Tai’s skill set.  For instance, I have Destroyers to 5 but Interdictors only to 3.  I can’t remember why I stopped training for the Sabre, but I obviously did.  HAC’s to 5 is a very nice skill but I haven’t had an opportunity to undock my Vagabond or Zealot.  Assault ships sits at 4 and after some recent fun with an arty Wolf I may re-prioritize this to 5.  I was very impressed with the damage output and the durability of that little bugger – seems like a good option for solo roaming.  Speaking of solo roaming, it seems I finished Interceptors 5 and it might be time to take a Crusader out and look for trouble.

My dislike of large ships still shows as I only have Amarr Battleship to 3 and Large Beams to 3.  I have Minmatar Battleship injected but haven’t trained it at all.  I may want to look at some of the large gun skills just to give me options for T3 battlecruisers.

So, for the time being, I think I’d like to aim for a perfect skill set for the Hurricane.  I’m very close in terms of gunnery although there will be a few very long trains involved.  I also have a few remaps saved up so I should be able to cut the time a bit.  It’s a bit odd not having a particular ship dominating my thoughts.  Things would be much easier if I wanted to fly a carrier or dread or something but I honestly don’t have any desire for that. If anyone has a suggestion I’d welcome it; meantime I’m re-learning what I want to learn.

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