Well, that was embarrassing…

Remember how I said earlier that I don’t like losing ships, even frigs?  Losses eat on me, probably more than they should at this point in my EVE “career”.  If I’m ganked while solo or primaried in a fleet it’s not that big of a deal to me.  If, however, I lose a 1v1 through sheer stupidity, that’s a whole different story.  I paid some stupid tax last night.

LAWN had been on an op earlier in the night and I had flown a Huginn to help lock down a gate while other shenanigans were going on.  I really like that ship.  The web and scram range is just freakin cool.  I’ve started flying with the tactical overlay on and it’s just sweet to hover over my webs and see the massive circle I project with them.  The Huginn is just built for gate camping.  Anyway, no kills for me on that little expedition.

I’m fiddling around, browsing the web when intel reports a single Incursus in the neighborhood, piloted by Zach Donnell.  Awesome!  I figure it’s time to shake the rust off my Arbitrator and go pop a frig.  I have one already to go (or so I thought…) so I undock and make a guess as to where he’s heading.  I hit the jump bridge and set up on the inbound gate of JC-YX8.  Just as I load the system intel reports him in the neighboring system.  Only one gate comes in so I’m in perfect position.  I sit for a minute and gate fire, +1 in local and it’s Zach.  Awesome!  He decloaks outside of my scram range and warps off.

I start d-scanning and narrow him down to a cluster near the sun.  Warp to the sun and start trying to ping him.  He’s warping around a bit but I hit him at one of the planets.  I align and start warp just as he shows up on grid.  Cancel warp, lock him up and he yellow-boxes back.  Hooray!  Drones are away and I try manual piloting to get him in web and scram range.

Here I make my first mistake by trying to MWD to him in a fit that relies heavily on cap boosters.  I’m eating boosters trying to tackle him as he’s flying around trying to stay out of range.  Not only that, but I’m pretty sure that he’s also popping my Warriors.  I say pretty sure because this is my second mistake – not having my drones in space window expanded.

He drops into armor and reps back up and suddenly burns toward me.  Scram and web engaged and we are both committed.  Here’s where I make my third mistake: I completely forget about my flight of hammerheads AND my ECM drones.  Shockingly I see that I’m not keeping up with his damage and my reppers aren’t going nearly as fast as I remember that they should.  I open cargo to take my Exile pill and find my fourth mistake: no booster in the cargo.  I’m now dipping into structure and even without my MWD I’m bleeding capacitor.  It’s just a matter of time now and he pops my Arbitrator.  We exchange gf’s in local and the blues in system ask if I killed him and I have to sheepishly admit that I did not.  I look at my loss and discover my last mistake when I notice I don’t have rigs.  Oh dear.

I’ve heard it said more than once that 1v1’s so often come down to mistakes made by either pilot.  Let’s recap my multiple mistakes, shall we?

  1. Trying to tackle a frig in a brick ship.  Not smart. Wasted my cap boosters.
  2. Not paying attention to my drones.  I had three flights on board and if I had simply opened the friggin window I could have seen why my DPS was dropping.
  3. Not launching my Hammerheads once I had him webbed.
  4. Not checking my cargo to see if I had my pill with me.
  5. No rigs.  This explains why my reps were going so slowly and not repping my armor to full.

In the end, it was a good fight.  We both wanted to brawl and once you commit there’s only one victor.  I’m pretty sure I’ve tangled with Zach before (although my memory fails me) and I tip my cap to his execution of the engagement.  I just wish that I had limited my mistakes and made it respectable at least.

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1 Response to Well, that was embarrassing…

  1. Fargon says:

    Good job at trying to pick a fight. Good to have you back!

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