The Escape Act

Just a quick post today relating a roam that ended horribly for some fellow alliance mates.  We took an assortment of Assault Frigs (I was in a Malediction) into a dead-end pocket in Tribute, looking for trouble.  On our way home we found it.  Jumping into GIH-ZG we notice local has added about 10 neutrals.  Scans of the out gate show some nastiness including a couple Vagabonds, Cynabal and a Broadsword.  We figure we can crash the gate and make a hasty retreat through S8-NSQ.  The first part of our assumption was correct; the second part…. not so much.

We jump the gate to S8-NSQ and find a Sabre on the other side has been busy deploying bubbles around the gate (obviously setting this trap while we were deeper in the pocket) and bubbles the gate good and proper as we enter local.  Quite a few of their fleet jumps with us meaning we are out-numbered by at least 2:1.  Our FC makes a critical error here.  Don’t get me wrong – we were going to DIAF here, no doubt.  However, we probably could have pulled a couple of very expensive ships out of the gang (looking at you Cynabals and Vagas) and popped one as we burned away.  Instead, the call goes up to primary the Myrmidon.  I’m normally one to obey an FC but that was a bad call.  I haven’t broken cloak yet, I am on the edge of a bubble and the Myrm is on the other side of the gate.  The closest ship to me is a Vagabond about 5K away.  I overload my MWD, break cloak and start to pray.  The Vaga is able to scram me and gets into 1/3 of my armor.  I shake his tackle and warp off.

In the meantime, FC has ordered the fleet to de-aggress and try to jump back.  By this time, our ships are popping left and right.  Whatever didn’t die in S8 is promptly popped as they jump back into GIH.  After the smoke clears, two of our pilots are trapped in GIH with me bouncing between safes in S8.  The out gate is one of those that sits all by itself annoyingly out of scan range.  With 10 neutrals still in local I know they are waiting for me.

Although not easy to do in an interceptor (which warps at a ridiculously low cost in cap), I manage to bleed enough capacitor to hit a spot about 8 AU from the gate.  Perfect!  Scan is clear.  I bounce back within 10 AU of the GIH gate and scan a bunch of ships there along with a bubble.  My escape odds look even better.  Back to my scan safe one more time and out gate is still clean.  I warp to it, jump and find the next system empty.  Destination set for home, I manage to burn back.

If you find yourself in the same situation, you can bleed your capacitor by using your prop mod if you’re not cap stable.  If you are stable or in a frig, pick a celestial 90 or 180 degrees away from your intended destination and click ‘warp to’.  As soon as you see your ship start to turn, cancel your warp (CTRL+SPACE by default).  Continue to bleed your cap down like this until you’re confident you’ll get the ‘insufficient power’ message.  If you try warping to your destination and you don’t get that message, cancel your warp and bleed off some more.  It may take a couple tries but eventually you should be able to warp close enough to scan but still off grid.

So, fellow pilots, here’s a question.  Was I out of line for not shooting the Myrmidon and trying to save my ship?  Would you have done the same?  I feel a little bad about it but in my mind it was a horrible primary call given the other flimsier and more expensive ships on the field.  By the time I got close enough to hit the primary I would have been webbed multiple times and I doubt I would have even made it there, much less be able to jump back through the gate.  I’m all for following an FC’s orders but I still have an aversion to being a mindless lemming.

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2 Responses to The Escape Act

  1. “FC is god during an operation” is something I often say, but that being said I too have explicitly not followed an FC’s order when it was obviously a bad call. I think you made the right decision in running instead of needlessly dying.

  2. Kelleris says:

    You made the right call. Even if everyone did what the FC said, you might not have popped anything at all. Myrms tend to have a really mean tank, shield or armor. Horrible, horrible, target call…

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