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As I mentioned in my last post (from earlier today) I am looking forward to getting back into EVE for a while at least.  While I’m not exactly sure what it was that led me back the new features have certainly played into it.  I’ve already fallen in love with the jump effects and the latest UI changes (specifically bookmarks) are freakin’ sweet.  So last month I decided to ante up and re-activate my main and alt accounts.

One problem…

Both characters were located in what had become Goon space.

A quick Google search showed that I could load up one ship and request a move to high sec.  Great!  Only problem with that approach is I had about 25 ships and assorted modules scattered over about 10 stations in Null.  I spent the first three nights setting up contracts (all with the description of ‘Fire Sale’) and picking the one ship I would move to highsec in.  That accomplished I was in a position to get familiar with EVE again.  I reached out to a couple old contacts but a lot had changed in two years.  After kicking around some options I posted a ‘Looking for Corp’ thread on the official forums.  Some nice alternatives opened up and I joined a corp that was in the process of assimilating into Black Legion.  Moved a few ships and then my beloved Kansas City Royals made it to the Wild Card, then to the ALDS, then won the pennant.  By the time we got MadBum’d in game seven, two weeks had gone by and BL left low sec for Null and started shooting structures.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  After being gone for two years, I know a few things I don’t want to do:

  1. Shoot structures or mess with 0.0 Sov.  I hate it.  Blob mechanics at it’s worst plus you are beholden to the corp timer.  I’m over forty years old and it kind of bugs me to have a 20-something ‘CEO’ tell me when and where he wants me to be.  That eliminates pretty much all sov-holding 0.0 alliances.
  2. Grind for ISK.  There are way too many demands on my time and when I log on I want to PVP, not grind for ISK to fund my PVP.  If that means I buy and sell PLEX, so be it.  I’m done shooting red crosses or trying to wrap my brain around industry or trading in this game.
  3. Be social.  I know, I know; it’s an MMO and I should be a social creature.  Problem is, I just want to indiscriminately shoot things on my own schedule.  If I have only an hour to play, so be it.  I log on, I pew and log off.

Given items 1 through 3 I’ve pretty much painted myself into the unfamiliar territory of being a low sec denizen.  I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am embracing a destiny that will lead to, as Kane Rizzel used to sub-title his blog, “having red on me”.  So be it.  I’m still a decent enough fellow – my boys think I’m pretty awesome after all – but I will be looking for willing (or unwilling) combatants in FW plexes.

So, if you see me in local, say ‘Hi’ and welcome me back.  Then overload everything because I’m planning to add you to my killboard.

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