I feel old…

So Tai recently had a birthday that almost coincided with my (latest) return to “active” status in EVE. Tai is now seven years old, which is “getting up there” for characters. If I had maintained an active subscription for all that time I imagine the skill point total would be quite impressive.  So, I’m feeling my age in game.

I’m also feeling my age trying to play the game. Way, way back when there was this thing called “CAL” (Cyber Amateur League) I was actually a competitive gamer, competing on the “Main” level of the league in one first-person shooter (CS:S) and playing in a non-competitive capacity in another shooter title  (ET:QW). After about a year solid, I realized that my days of “practice” and “stratting” for hours on end had to go – both a result of my reflexes degrading, but also as I kept adding to the number of kids in the house.

Fast-forward to present and my time for gaming is swinging back the opposite direction. My oldest son is now 14 and he and I play some online titles together. Since I’ve become more active again (see my previous homage to 80’s hair metal) it is painful to see that my reflexes have only gotten worse and now I struggle somewhat with information overload. In the past week alone I have lost a pod because I couldn’t switch to my warp-out tab, missed at least two tackles by simply not coordinating CTRL+click, and lost a Confessor without firing a shot because I mis-clicked in space and was basically sitting still. I’m hoping that this is just an adjustment period to the quick-and-brutal nature of low sec PVP and not further evidence that my skills are eroding to the point of non-existence. I guess time will tell.

I’m seriously thinking of grabbing something fast, maybe svipul or confessor, and going out to null and getting a refresher on kiting. That, or I need to figure out how to coax fights in low sec that aren’t “land at 0 on beacon and DIAF”. Wish me luck and if you feel sympathetic to the old man, donations of Quafe or Drop are welcome.

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