Excited yet?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks IRL and while I’ve managed to snag an hour here and there for EVE I haven’t had the pleasure of a long, uninterrupted play session. Knowing this, I’ve taken the approach of staying close to home in Ishomilken, perhaps going a few jumps away. This keeps my travel time to a minimum.

I also decided that, since time was a premium, I was going to stop being overly aggressive and wasting the time needed to schlep my pod home and re-fit a ship. I used to refer to this over-aggressiveness as “getting kill horny” when I played shooters. Whenever I was the caller and things were slow in the match I would remind the guys to be patient and wait for the other team to get horny enough to come around the corner.

So, being “un-horny” means checking a target’s killboard, having an escape plan, and being willing to let the fight come to me. With the last two kills I’ve managed to execute this approach.

A few nights ago I had gone a few jumps away from home, found nothing, and was backtracking through the pipe. As I jumped into Isho I pinged a Moa and Retribution on scan. As I warped to a safe I was able to confirm they were in (or at) the medium complex. I checked the corporations of the pilots in system and didn’t see any similarities. Drones were showing up on the scan, making me think this might be a legitimate fight and I warped to the beacon at 30.

As I landed I saw my suspicion confirmed – these two were having a go at it. The Retribution locked me up immediately and I returned the favor, launching my drones at him. MWD on, I was content to merrily kite them both, manually piloting to stay out of tackle and range of the Moas’ blasters. The Retribution’s tank started breaking and I swooped in to point him as he went into structure. He popped and I quickly turned to the Moa. I made a piloting error here. He began sending his drones after mine and noticing this, I tried to bring one back and launch another. My MWD was still on and quickly shot me out of point range. He was in armor by this point and quickly warped off. I honestly believe I had him dead to rights if not for losing point.

C’est la vie.

Last night I logged in, took a quick tour around the home systems and saw nothing happening. I needed some ISK so I switched over to my alt who is off in null sec doing some exploration. I managed to find a wormhole to high sec so it was off to market to unload the cargo hold. Finishing that, I hopped back into null and ran a data site that had one nice data center. I safed up and logged, figuring I would make another Citadel Neighborhood Watch™ round.

I tried a couple systems and found it was still dead. As I jumped into Manjonakko I picked up a Merlin on scan. Perfect! I warped to the novice plex and activated the gate but he was nowhere to be found. He was still on 1AU scan so I bounced back to the gate. Nothing. I decided to just orbit the gate and see what would happen. Some traffic pops in and out of the system, I got distracted, and before I knew it a Fed Comet was landing on grid. Time to go. I aligned out and warped.

As I was warping to a safe, I decided to check this pilot’s KB. He had the look of a newer player that has fallen victim to Youtube solo videos and the idea that spending ISK will make you better at PvP. Lots and lots of faction frigates have ejected his pod. I looked at his last Comet fit – blasters. I now begin thinking that I may have a chance at snagging a really nice solo kill. He was still in the novice plex so I warped to the gate at range. Remember that part about getting kill horny? I decided the LAST thing I’m going to do is activate that gate and land on top of him, which is what he wants me to do. Instead, I decided to be patient, wait on the gate and fight him on my terms.

Sure enough, he disappeared from my 1 AU scan and re-appeared a few seconds later.

I launched drones.

As I’ve done the last few fights in my Tristan, I kited him like a boss, never drifting within scram/web range. He tried to alternatively approach and then align to me, never getting anywhere. At one point he tried to take out my drones but it’s all for naught. I felt kind of bad for the guy – I gave him a ‘gf’ and he raged hard in local and I could understand why. Sympathy aside, I loved that fight because I did things right, especially setting up the fight to my benefit instead of being impatient and letting him dictate it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, according to Eveovermind, I had a 14% chance of winning that fight.

I love beating the odds.

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