About the Author

Serious Face

In R/L Tai Maac is a husband and father of four young boys, limiting his EVE time to those precious hours when the house is quiet and sleepy.  Tai is a Landscape Architect, currently a Project Manager with a Kansas City-area firm.

In addition to enjoying EVE, Tai also enjoys grilling, teaching and coaching baseball with his oldest son, Cub Scouts with the two oldest and generally just being a dad.  If you’re in the Kansas City area and want to talk EVE over a cold one (or five), you can shoot him an email at taimaac at gmail dot com.

Fly reckless!

2 Responses to About the Author

  1. CrazyKinux says:

    Just added your Blog to my EVE Blogroll. Make sure to also add your blog to the EVE OPML site!


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