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Arbitrator Image

It just looks cool, don't it?

This is very much a work-in-progress, but I’d like to share my thoughts about my current favorite ship, the Arbitrator.  Like most Amarr ships, the Arbitrator is set up as an armor tanker with it’s 4-4-4 slot layout but it differs significantly in terms of it’s bonuses.  Let’s start there:

5% bonus to tracking disruptor effectiveness per level
10% bonus to drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield per level

My general philosophy is to fit a ship according to its’ strengths.  Applying this to the arbitrator I want a fit that does the following:

Armor tank
Drone DPS primary / Pulse Laser secondary
Full tackle (web + scram)

What we’re aiming for is primarily a solo fit that can tank long enough to get away from a situation gone bad and enough DPS to take care of cruisers and smaller and maybe even a ratting battleship with some NPC’s adding damage.  This ship is not going to be very fast so it has to rely on the fact that most people think it’s crap and will engage it for the LOLs.  We will need good to great armor tanking skills (given the fact that it’s a T1 hull the resists are ‘meh’ to begin with) and at least good drone skills to get respectable DPS.  Mash it all up and here’s the fit:

Arbitrator fit

Tai Maac's Arbitrator

The performance shown above is with my skills, obviously, and I’m currently taking all armor resistances up to 4 so the tank will improve even more.  Note that the tank numbers are obtained with the use of a Standard Exile booster.  I invested the ISK into the required skills to reduce and negate the side effects and it has been very worth it, even in other ships (x-instinct as an interceptor pilot is winsauce as well).

In piloting you really need to be able to overheat to maximize this ship.  You’re fairly slow and being able to get the scrambler as far out as possible is needed.  The Arbitrator is really good practice for learning to fly a Curse as you will get into fights that become ‘drone wars’, especially against Gallente ships.  Your tactic is to get up close and settle in an orbit around 5K (to vampire cap).  You’ll find the best results come from ‘pulsing’ your lows, hitting the cap booster and reps in quick succession to get a rapid repair to your armor.  It’s hilarious to see your armor go completely red and get 75% of it back in one cycle.   Use the flight of EC’s to get out of trouble when things go bad and rely on the web to slow your target down enough to use your mediums.  Warriors are for anti-frig work.

This fit is also pretty good for small fleet engagements as well.  In that case I’ll tweak it a bit to incorporate a tracking disruptor, dropping the web in favor of that.

I personally am having a blast flying this ship as there’s a lot of ‘o.O’ factor with the tank and I just think it’s a really cool looking hull.  If you’ve got Amarr cruiser 4/5 and some good drone and tank skills, give it a try!

3 Responses to Arbitrator Guide

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  3. Arbitrator Fan says:

    I prefer something like this:
    [Arbitrator, Protecting Veil]
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
    Damage Control II

    1MN Afterburner II
    Warp Disruptor II
    DDO Photometry Tracking Disruptor I, Optimal Range Disruption
    Medium Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 400

    Medium Energy Neutralizer II
    Small Energy Neutralizer II
    Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    Medium Pulse Laser II, Scorch S

    Hobgoblin II x5
    Warrior II x5
    Hammerhead II x5
    Vespa EC-600 x5

    Tracking Disruptors are the best thing about this ship. It makes any turret-based frigate or cruiser (or maybe even BC) become a potential kill. Some people use MWDs + 1600mm plates or more full neuts in the highs, but I prefer it like this because it adds a bit more DPS. Maybe use guns with better tracking for picking off drones.

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