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Well, that was embarrassing…

Remember how I said earlier that I don’t like losing ships, even frigs?  Losses eat on me, probably more than they should at this point in my EVE “career”.  If I’m ganked while solo or primaried in a fleet it’s … Continue reading

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I forgot what I’ve learned

I’d guess that I’m now approaching 45 days being back in EVE.  Some things feel very different to me, from the love Assault Ships received, to the T3 battlecruisers to just re-learning the UI.  I’m still fiddling with my overview … Continue reading

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I’m back

As my last post indicated, I re-subbed to EVE after failed forays into the Star Wars MMO and some other interests kept me away for an entire year.  Before re-committing to EVE, I had to answer some questions in my … Continue reading

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Has it been a year?

After almost a year in mothballs, I have returned to EVE, evidently just in time to witness the Goons’ at their absolute Gooniest. Some things have changed in New Eden, and some never will. As I compose this I’m sitting … Continue reading

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First Contract Wrap-Up

Last night I exited Insmother without any trouble and, once back in highsec, kicked back with a couple cold ones while moving my stuff around in preparation for the next contract.  Honestly, I have too much crap sitting around, both … Continue reading

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I done good…

Last night was full of distractions for me (read chatty wife) but I had a phantom in our main Ventrilo channel and was half-listening to the conversation there.  I heard something about a Drake messing around with one of our … Continue reading

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Maiden Voyage of the Dragon

Per my previous post I swapped out of the Purifier stealth bomber in favor of a Vagabond which I named “I’m A Dragon – RAWR!” based upon its’ looks.  In my opinion, to be good/efficient at PvP, you have to … Continue reading

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Fourteen Days

I have now been a member of Noir. for two weeks.  These two weeks have been an introduction into a style of combat that I have never experienced until now.  Always before I had undocked looking for the “good fight” … Continue reading

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Point on the Aveo!

I can’t help but think I saw a fellow EVE player on my evening commute yesterday.  I passed a Chevy Aveo on the freeway with a bumper sticker that simply read: HUMMER Escape Pod I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically … Continue reading

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Hey! It’s Dirty Laundry Day!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now (at least since last weekend) but due to my self-imposed corp stasis and need for “radio silence” I felt it would be in the best interest of everyone involved … Continue reading

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