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Excited yet?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks IRL and while I’ve managed to snag an hour here and there for EVE I haven’t had the pleasure of a long, uninterrupted play session. Knowing this, I’ve taken the approach of staying … Continue reading

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I feel old…

So Tai recently had a birthday that almost coincided with my (latest) return to “active” status in EVE. Tai is now seven years old, which is “getting up there” for characters. If I had maintained an active subscription for all … Continue reading

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Didn’t Whitesnake write a song with this title?

True confession: I love 80’s glam metal. Given what’s been happening lately, this seems quite fitting: Yes, here I go again indeed. Killboard….

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Harder than I remember

Well, I have jumped back into PvP with both feet and the results have been, shall we say, mixed…  I find it hard to believe that I’ve actually lost two pods now in low sec.  At first I thought it … Continue reading

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More musings

As I mentioned in my last post (from earlier today) I am looking forward to getting back into EVE for a while at least.  While I’m not exactly sure what it was that led me back the new features have … Continue reading

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Like an old pair of slippers…

Well, after a really, really, really long time away I decided to come back to EVE about a month ago. I was reluctant to re-fire Tai One On mainly because I wasn’t sure if it was going to last. I … Continue reading

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Has it been a year?

After almost a year in mothballs, I have returned to EVE, evidently just in time to witness the Goons’ at their absolute Gooniest. Some things have changed in New Eden, and some never will. As I compose this I’m sitting … Continue reading

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New tattoos? Pfft. I have a new corp.

Logged in last night after patching and I was greeted with this:           I’m already being put to work (hooray!) and everyone I’ve chatted with so far has been extremely helpful and friendly.  This is going … Continue reading

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