Well, that was embarrassing…

Remember how I said earlier that I don’t like losing ships, even frigs?  Losses eat on me, probably more than they should at this point in my EVE “career”.  If I’m ganked while solo or primaried in a fleet it’s not that big of a deal to me.  If, however, I lose a 1v1 through sheer stupidity, that’s a whole different story.  I paid some stupid tax last night.

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I forgot what I’ve learned

I’d guess that I’m now approaching 45 days being back in EVE.  Some things feel very different to me, from the love Assault Ships received, to the T3 battlecruisers to just re-learning the UI.  I’m still fiddling with my overview settings and really haven’t had much time to assess where I am.  Before my hiatus I had a pretty clear-cut goal for something I wanted to fly but I honestly can’t remember what it was.  My EVEMon plans disappeared during a Windows upgrade and though I had some musings on plans here at Tai One On, I’ve been struggling with where to go from here.

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I’m back

As my last post indicated, I re-subbed to EVE after failed forays into the Star Wars MMO and some other interests kept me away for an entire year.  Before re-committing to EVE, I had to answer some questions in my mind, such as why did I leave and what will I do to keep my interest high?  To answer the first I needed to review/remember the reasons I left in the first place.  I believe there were two primary reasons behind my sudden departure:

  1. Burn-out grinding ISK.  I think that, in retrospect, I tried too many things at once.  Gathering data cores, trying to manage a high-sec POS, buy orders, PI, all these ‘passive’ streams ended up being way more time than I possibly imagined.
  2. Burn-out on PvP.  My time in Noir., although short, was very different and, in the end, not the style I liked.  It would have taken me a long time to get comfortable being an FC for Noir., not only because of the experience level of the other pilots there, but also the pressure to maintain a positive killboard.  Bad mercenaries don’t get paid.

So, after analyzing these reasons for leaving I had to figure out if I could either deal with them again or find an alternative solution.  I intended for my first month back to be my timeframe for wrapping my head around that.   Continue reading

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Has it been a year?

After almost a year in mothballs, I have returned to EVE, evidently just in time to witness the Goons’ at their absolute Gooniest. Some things have changed in New Eden, and some never will.

As I compose this I’m sitting in Liekuri awaiting my app to be accepted into RvB. I know that I am very, very rusty and have some work to do to get my PVP legs under me. I’m still undecided if I’m jumping in with both feet or not so I’m not 100% sure this is the triumphant return of Tai One On.

We shall see.

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First Contract Wrap-Up

Last night I exited Insmother without any trouble and, once back in highsec, kicked back with a couple cold ones while moving my stuff around in preparation for the next contract.  Honestly, I have too much crap sitting around, both ships and modules, and this is a good time to start trimming the fat (and no, you can’t have my stuff).  I have four ships that I’m planning to fly heavily for the foreseeable future – the rest are going to be mothballed somewhere and/or sold on market.

So, with my suitcase in the capable hands of Red Frog Freight (whom I highly recommend), I thought it would be a good idea to take stock of what I was able to accomplish on my first-ever contract as a member of Noir.  I pulled up my KB and created a campaign to collate the results and here’s how it looks at first glance:

100% efficiency, 24 kills, 0 losses, 1.71 billion ISK damage.

Of those kills, 15 were in a Purifier, 9 were in a Vagabond.  I had no solo kills but I’m okay with that.  I had a couple opportunities that I probably could have scored a solo kill but I became a bit paranoid about a massive fleet of Russian carriers just waiting for a cyno to go up.

Beyond the kills and fights I can look back at this experience and make the following observations:

  1. I have been looking for small-gang warfare for the last year. I found it first in Rote Kapelle but it was tinged by friction with my corp. I feel very lucky to have found it again and in the context of getting to know some really nice folks as well.
  2. It was very strange to essentially “live” in my ship for a month.  I had to have everything I needed – paste, ammo, drones, etc. – on board with me.  Losing drones became a major headache and something I never would have considered a problem before.  When you’re deep in sovereign 0.0 however, it’s no easy thing to fix.
  3.  Having this experience has underscored the feeling that I need to focus on just a couple ships – if for no other reason than to just keep my hangar lean.
  4. I’m done with bombers.  I think they can be fun and I’m sure I’ll play with one again sometime but they are so specialized you really need to enjoy a certain type of combat and it’s just not me.

It was a great introduction to Noir. and it challenged me in new ways.  On to the next!

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I done good…

Last night was full of distractions for me (read chatty wife) but I had a phantom in our main Ventrilo channel and was half-listening to the conversation there.  I heard something about a Drake messing around with one of our interceptor pilots.  This was followed by a few more corpmates saying they were moving to assist.  I jumped into the channel and started moving that direction as well.

We landed on the gate as our interceptor pilot reported him moving back toward us.  He jumped in system and held cloak.  I began manually orbiting the gate and spamming the directional scanner at the same time, thoroughly expecting him to be bait.  He breaks cloak and starts burning back toward the gate.  I pulse my MWD and manage my first-ever pr0 bump, sending him careening away.  His buffer is still too much for us and he jumps out with 1/3 shield left.

On the other side of the gate our interceptor pilot reports him holding cloak again.  My aggression timer expires and I jump in just as he warps off with our ‘ceptor pilot in pursuit.  He is chased to a second planet’s custom office and then logs off.  I just happen to have an alt in the neighborhood that I have been using for scanning duty (and giving me good probing practice).  I log him in and warp to the system with the dirty CTL+Q’er.  Launch probes and first scan resolves him to 50%.  One more scan and I have him at 100% leading to the inevitable outcome.

My scorecard for the night included a Drake, a pod, a successful scan-down and a good bump. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

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Maiden Voyage of the Dragon

Per my previous post I swapped out of the Purifier stealth bomber in favor of a Vagabond which I named “I’m A Dragon – RAWR!” based upon its’ looks.  In my opinion, to be good/efficient at PvP, you have to develop a knack for getting out of tight situations which requires keeping your cool, having a good fit and not making a mistake.  Failure in any one area will mean your destruction, especially when fighting outnumbered.  I got to test my mettle in all three last night.

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Fourteen Days

I have now been a member of Noir. for two weeks.  These two weeks have been an introduction into a style of combat that I have never experienced until now.  Always before I had undocked looking for the “good fight” just for the sake of the fight.  It was fun, to be sure, but now there is definite purpose to the fight.  I have some thoughts about asymmetrical combat and how that fits into what I’m doing now but I need some more time for them to gel.  I can see the genesis of what may be several posts on the topic once they stop sloshing around my brain.

Since joining Noir. I’ve been flying a Purifier on our current contract.  It’s the first time I’ve flown a bomber and to be honest, I don’t like it.  The advantages of high DPS/alpha and warping while cloaked aren’t offset enough by it’s incredibly slow AU/sec warp speed and pathetic maneuverability.  I’m planning to swap it out for something else that I actually enjoy flying tonight.  The Dramiel tempts me like a tempting temptress…  I’ve also thought about unpacking my Curse or buying a Vagabond.  Decisions, decisions.

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Point on the Aveo!

I can’t help but think I saw a fellow EVE player on my evening commute yesterday.  I passed a Chevy Aveo on the freeway with a bumper sticker that simply read:

HUMMER Escape Pod

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically as I imagined a Hummer wrecking, the tailgate instantly swinging open and the driver being ejected in an Aveo with a slightly bewildered look on his face.

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Hey! It’s Dirty Laundry Day!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while now (at least since last weekend) but due to my self-imposed corp stasis and need for “radio silence” I felt it would be in the best interest of everyone involved if I kept it to myself.  However, since Rixx Javix has opened the door on the goings-on between Lucifer’s Hammer and Rote Kapelle I can speak openly about my decision and the reasons for leaving when I did.  My intent is not to air the dirty laundry in all it’s detail, nor to throw anyone under the bus; I like everyone involved too much to do that.  This post is more about me.  I am, after all, my favorite topic.

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